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Why is Green Tea Good for You?

I’ve never even heard of Green Tea until maybe two or three years ago. I’ve always consumed regular sweet tea. Sometimes I’d even live on the edge and drink sweet tea with lemon. Over the last few years there have been many tea drinks brought to the market including Green Tea. It is found from the leaf of a plant and is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. The most common companies that sell Green Tea are Lipton and Arizona.

You can drink Green Tea cold or brew yourself a hot cup in the morning. I’ve tried both ways and they are tasty. There is caffeine in the tea and sometimes it will give you a good boost of energy when you need a little push. There are so many benefits that come from Green Tea.

First, the antioxidants it provides reduce the harmful fats and oils in your body which can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It can block cancer cells from forming throughout your body. Green Tea can protect your brain, liver, help avoid strokes and protect you from ulcers. This amazing beverage can improve digestion which is pretty impressive. If all these things could help your body, then doesn’t it seem worthwhile to reach for a cup of Green Tea rather than that high calorie can of pop that eats away your teeth.

Ever since I started drinking Green Tea and limited my soda intake, my teeth have felt cleaner because there’s less sugar and the tea washes away bacteria. As a result, I have less cavities and my mouth feels fresher. There are about 180 calories in a 12 ounce can of black cherry pop compared to 120 in Green Tea. To get the full benefits of Green Tea more than a few cups in one 24 hour period are required. Stores also sell Green Tea extract in the form of a pill so it is easier to get the antioxidants than drinking 8 glasses. Any health benefits you could get either small or large from Green Tea would be worth it down the road.

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