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14 Summer Garden Centerpieces to Bring the Outdoors In

Looking for a few fun summer garden centerpieces that won’t break the budget for your next dinner party? Well, take advantage of those garden tools and you can have them pulling double duty as beautiful and whimsical summer centerpieces!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the flowers are in bloom. It’s officially summertime! What better way to enjoy the season than by bringing the outdoors inside your home? With these 14 Summer garden centerpieces, you can do just that!

1. Summertime Succulent Garden

A succulent garden is perfect for summer! Use small containers filled with soil and then add your succulents. You can either use individual plants or go for a more wild look and let them grow together.

2. Sunflower Bouquet

Who doesn’t love sunflowers? They’re cheerful, bright, and make any room feel warmer and more inviting. Plus, they’re easy to grow so you can have fresh flowers all summer long!

3. Rosemary and Lavender

Rosemary and lavender are two of the most popular herbs for summer. They have a beautiful, calming fragrance that is perfect for relaxing in the warm weather.

4. Cactus Garden

Cacti are perfect for summer because they don’t need much water to survive. Plus, they come in all different shapes and sizes so you can create a really unique arrangement.

5. Zinnia Centerpiece

Zinnias are one of our all-time favorite flowers! They come in so many vibrant colors and they’re just so cheerful. We love them in bouquets, as well as centerpieces like this one.

6. Lemon Centerpiece

Lemons are such a refreshing fruit and they smell amazing! This centerpiece is perfect for summer parties or just to brighten up your kitchen table.

7. Watering Can Centerpiece

This is such a fun and creative idea! Simply use an old watering can as a vase and fill it with your favorite summer flowers. It’s perfect for a country-themed party or picnic.

8. Mason Jar Centerpiece

Mason jars are so versatile and there are endless ways to decorate them. We love this simple yet beautiful arrangement of wildflowers. It’s perfect for a rustic wedding or summer BBQ.

9. Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are such delicate and beautiful creatures. This centerpiece is perfect for any outdoor party or celebration. Just add a few colorful flowers and some cheerful butterflies, and you’re good to go!

10. Garden Gate Centerpiece

This centerpiece is so unique and eye-catching! It would be perfect for a garden party or any other outdoor event. The best part is that it’s really easy to make – all you need is a wooden gate, some plants, and some wire.

11. Watermelon Tower

Who doesn’t love watermelons? They’re the quintessential summer fruit and they look amazing in this fun tower arrangement.

12. Watering can as a vase

Try using your watering can as a vase! Summer is the perfect time to incorporate some of your summer garden tools into art! If your watering can is not a great color, then try painting it. You can use spray paint, milk paint, or exterior house paint.

Now, in the opening, you want to create a frog. This is simply a small grid to hold your flower upright and space them out little. You can do this with some clear tape or duct tape, whatever you can get to stick to your water can.

Simply run thin rows of tape across the opening about an inch apart. Now, cross them to create a creature with more tape.

Now, start adding your flowers and greenery in the middle! Too easy!

13. Small Twig Basket

This next summer garden centerpiece is super easy to make. All you need is some twigs from the yard, some floral wire, a foam floral block, and some flowers. Simply make a small basket with your twigs. You can even use hot glue. Cut all of your twigs to the same length and start stacking home-like Lincoln logs in a square. Glue with hot glue as your go or tie the corners with floral wire.

Now, cut your floral foam to this size. Soak the foam and insert it into the twig square. You may want to set this on a plate or platter to catch any loose water.

Now, start to insert your flowers!

You could also make a bottom for this basket, line it with coconut liner, and plant a small plant in it!

14. English garden centerpiece

Finally, for a super affordable and long-lasting centerpiece on a budget use one of those many baskets you have laying around the house. Line it with some plastic garbage bags. You can staple gun this to hold it in place. Poke a few small holes in the bottom.

Now, plant a cute flowering plant inside and add some ivy. You have a beautiful and easy English garden centerpiece for your BBQ party dinner table!

For a more finished basket, you can paint it with white paint for a fresh look. If you want to use all green plants try painting the basket in a red or another bright color. Be sure to mix and match your green hues in the plants for interest!

We hope you’ve been inspired by these beautiful Summer garden centerpieces! Now it’s time to get creative and start decorating your home for the season. Happy summer!

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