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6 Autumn Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Although it seems that nature is dormant during winter, true gardeners know that gardens never sleep and there’s always something left to do. Autumn is a busy season in the garden.

Gardeners need to prepare their lovely outdoors for the season of decaying light and chilly temperatures as well as to get it ready for the spring. Since there is a lot of work in the garden year-round, here are some essential tasks that will help you to keep a well-maintained garden during cold winter months.


Now is the perfect time to get down and deal with irritating weed so that you can avoid doing it in the spring. Spring season should be a fresh start, so make one by de-weeding your garden now. Pull the weed from the lawn and flower beds and look even on the cracks on the patio. If you are planning to apply weed killer, consider organic weed control that is safe to use around children, pets, and other plants.

Plant and transplant

A combination of autumn rain and the ground still warm from the summer creates great conditions for new plantings. Dig up the annuals, place them in the compost bin and plant new flowers that will form new roots in no time. Bring some colors in your winter garden by planting before the first frost. Roses are a perfect choice for autumn planting.

Cut bushes, hedges, and shrubs

To prevent your bushes and shrubs turn yellow and decay do some autumn pruning. Depending on the type, they can be cut up to a quarter of their size. Prune the hedges but make sure not to cut them too much, since they will not grow back so fast. Also, take care of the tree leaves on the hedges, blow them off because they can block direct sunlight and fresh air.

Deal with lawn

Clear the lawn and give it one last cut. Use a spring-tined rake to remove grass clippings and moss. Now is the time to revitalize your lawn but before you do, make sure to test the soil to determine ph and level of nutrients. Some of the high-end landscape architects practice reseeding the lawn during autumn, especially the parts that are flattened, due to the foot traffic.

Clear out compost bins

6 Autumn Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Winter
6 Autumn Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Empty last year’s compost bin and use it around the garden. Autumn works will generate more garden waste, so rest assured there will be enough of it. If last year’s compost isn’t ready yet, turn it around to speed up decomposition and pile your new compost material in a new compost heap. Also, use the opportunity to make a leaf mold. Collect the leaves, shred them and pile them in a sheltered spot. In a couple of years, you’ll have a great organic fertilizer for your soil.

Clean and pack garden equipment

The final autumn task is gathering all the garden tools and preparing them for winter sleep. Clean and dry forks and spades, sharpen secateurs and shears, and oil them to prevent rust. Check lawn mower and send it for a service. Make sure there is no water in sprinklers and hoses since frozen water can cause them to crack.


Take time to prepare your garden in the autumn so that you can have a clean start when the sun warms the ground again. Instead of finishing your homework late and weeding the cold ground in the spring, use the autumn warmth to prepare a beautiful canvas for your new colorful masterpiece. Do a little hard work now to ensure the creativity flow when the spring season comes.

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