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9 Best Hand Pruners For Gardening

Pruning may seem to be a very usual and mundane gardening activity, but only a pro gardener will realize how important and vital this particular activity is. Pruning makes a difference in the growth of a plant and also the overall look of the hardened. Professional pruners can create magic only by cutting a tree properly.

But you cannot win a war with inappropriate weapons. You need the best garden shears to give your garden a beautiful look. But, have you ever thought about what a perfect pruner is? A perfect pruner is not a universal entity.

What I may find comfortable may be a burden for you. Here is a  complete list of the best pruners which have the best ratings and a lot of people find them useful and worthy to invest in.

Here are the best hand pruners listed to help you choose.

1. Gonicc Titanium Bypass Pruners

This is a professional titanium-made bypass pruner that can be used as the best garden clippers. The color is gold which makes the pruner look aesthetically quite pleasing. Both the body and handles are drop forged.

The premium quality titanium blades of this pruner are the unique selling point of the product. Titanium is a strong and robust material often considered as best for lifelong objects. The ultra-fine polishing of this pruner increases the protection against wear and tear and thus improves the longevity factor.

The best part of this pruner is the nonslip handle designed ergonomically. It is super easy to hold and extremely comfortable to use. Non-Slip handles drastically reduce incidents of accidents. The expected cutting size is up to ¾ inches in diameter. The sap can be easily channeled off owing to the sap design of the groove. It is quite easy to lock. The handle is made of aluminum and PVC. It is sharp, strong, comfortable, ergonomic, easy to handle, durable. That is all of the good features in a nutshell.


  • Ergonomic non-slip handles
  • Premium finish
  • Strong and robust
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle and fine performance


  • Does not include a warranty

2. Gonicc Professional 8’’ Tree Trimmer

High carbon steel blades make this bypass pruner, the best trimming scissors for high-end strong performance. The bright red color is superbly alluring. The blades are finished with ultra-fine polishing technology that only improves the performance but also increases the life of the blades.

The body and handles are drop forged which is a super attraction for expert gardeners. This pruner is ideal for cutting the dead branches and twigs that become hardened and difficult to cut using ordinary blades.

You can use it for trimming and cutting the trees. This pruner is ideal for almost all types of garden plants – flower plants, vegetables, and annuals. However, it is extremely popular for its performance in cutting bonsai. The handles are ergonomic, so you won’t feel any strain or wrist pain while handling this one.

It is a perfect combination of lightweight, strength, and comfort. Non-slip handles improve the grip. The Gonicc professional tree pruner is one of the most popular hand pruners in terms of durability and maneuverability. The cutting diameter is roughly ¾ inches.


  • Easy to lock
  • Perfect for dead handling
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to lock
  • Durable


  • No ratcheting mechanism present

3. Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruner

Fiskars Professional Bypass Pruning Shears

The Fiskars bypass pruner is ideal for cutting the softer branches, with lighter loads. It comes with a very handy locking mechanism. The blades are extremely strong and made of ground steel. The premium quality of the steel keeps the pruner sharp and functional even after long-term use. There is a special low friction coating over the blades.

This coating is meant for the smooth gliding motion of the pruner, especially through hardwood surfaces. This coating will do another practical task – prevent the sap and blade gumming that causes a significant hackle while using a pruner. When the sap does not come in contact with the blades, the material says rust-free for a longer time.

Hence, the longevity of this pruner is quite high. It has a cutting diameter of ⅝ inches which is quite high compared to other common pruners. It is sturdy and easy to use. The blades are easy to clean.

This pruner is quite versatile and you can use it for several general and specialized gardening tasks. The self-cleaning sap groove prevents the buildup of sap and debris in the blades.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to hold
  • Ergonomic
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Undersized return spring

4. FELCO Classic Manual Hand Pruner

FELCO F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner, F 2

Steel blade red color classic hand pruner is such a massive favorite for all the traditional gardeners. This pruner is a perfect combination of modernism and tradition. This is one of the best anvil hand pruners with sharp anvil blades and a dedicated sap groove.

To ensure the proper and steady adjustment of the anvil and cutting blade, there are bolt and nut combinations. This hard and fast arrangement makes the pruner superbly easy to use. So, that your wrist does not get stressed even after a long cutting session, the handles are provided with shock absorbers and additional rubber cushions.

This pruner is highly adjustable and safe for light to moderate load of pruning. The blades are strong and feature a special wire-cutting type notch. The handles are metal made and lightweight whereas the blades are carved out of the best steel – robust and long-lasting.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Swiss precision in the cutting blade
  • Best anvil type pruner


  • They could be small for your fingers

5. Gonicc Professional GPPS-1002 Sharp Bypass Pruners

The drop-forged body and best quality high carbon SK-5 steel-made blades will take your gardening to a whole new level. All the parts, especially the blades are polished with ultra-fine technology.

This pruner is suitable for plenty of tasks like trimming, cutting, and dead handling. Whether you have a flower garden, vegetable plants, or bonsai, this pruner can be an ideal choice. This is indeed one of the best bypass hand pruners. The non-slip handles are designed ergonomically and are both lightweight and comfortable.

The pruners feature special sap grooves that will not let any plant sap or debris stick to the blades. This is a superbly efficient feature and great for the maintenance of the pruner. The cutting diameter is almost ¾ inches and you can handle almost all types of plants in the garden with this one.


  • Durable
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy lock mechanism
  • Versatile
  • Sap groove present


  • All Good

6. VIVOSUN 6.5 inches Gardening Hand Pruner

Make precise cuts with the premium quality ultra-sharp blade of the Vivosun 6.5 Inches Garden Hand pruner. This pruner is a perfect choice for any and everyone who is struggling hard to reduce the wrist pain associated with regular pruning. The blades are made of stainless steel.

The blades are specially made for precise cutting operation and are well suited for trimming, dead handling, and shaping all the plants of the garden including the annuals, vegetables, flowers, and bonsai. The easy-lock mechanism is indeed easy to operate and always protects the blade for a greater lifespan.

The sideways lock is unique. Whether you are left or right-handed, you can easily use the Vivosun 6.5 inches Gardening Hand Pruner. For better cutting edges, the blades have micro tip snips that operate in a clip and snip type motion. It has completely ergonomic comfort grip handles and spring-loaded automatic push. The bright orange color is attractive.


  • Great for people with wrist pain and arthritis
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to lock
  • Premium quality blades
  • Provides perfect precise cuts


  • The plastic counterparts of the pruner are flimsy.

7. TOOL MOOM Professional Pruner

This is a heavy-duty pruning shear perfect for regular large-scale pruning. The pruner comes in jet black color and has sharp blades made of high carbon steel.

The blades are extremely sharp and the pruner is quite durable. However, it is very easy to handle. You can easily use this pruner for clipping and performing plenty of other regular gardening tasks. It has a maximum cutting capacity of ¾ inches in diameter.

The body and handle of the pruner are forged drops. Many pruning shears analysis rates this as the best. This pruner is perfect for cutting light branches and stems. The cutting edge remains smooth which is quite professional. You won’t damage other parts of the plant while cutting the intended target.

It is extremely lightweight and hence easy to handle and work with even for a long time. It has a perfect design that makes it easy to hold. The ergonomic pruners are great in terms of maneuverability. The handle material is aluminum and PVC. With little effort, you get the maximum effect.


  • Tough, strong, and durable
  • Wide application
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to hold and use
  • High carbon tough steel blade


  • The lever locks are not durable

8. Mockins Professional Heavy Duty Pruners

This is a professional garden pruner used for all advanced gardening tasks. Novices can also use this garden clipper to cut the herbs, flowers, plants, and bushes appropriately into your favorite shape. To prevent any risk of accidents, safety locks are featured in the branch cutters. Even amateurs can use this one without any trouble. The steel blades are quite sharp and provide a clean-cut edge.

This pruner is ideal for use by arthritis patients. They can easily use this ergonomic pruner and say goodbye to the wrist pain and strain normally faced while pruning. It is one of the best bypass gardens shear. The stainless blades are perfect for a precise cut that is too effortlessly.

When not in use, you can use the safety lock feature to store these ideally. This bypass garden pruner has a straight and a curved blade that enhances the working efficiency of the pruner. The shock-absorbing rubber is the unique selling point of this pruner. The handles are non-slip to prevent accidents.


  • Safe to use
  • Perfect for arthritis patient
  • Premium blades
  • Beautiful green color
  • Appropriate for multiple purposes


  • The rolled coil spring hinders the seamless motion.

9. Corona BP 3180D Classic Bypass Pruner

Corona BP 3180D Forged Classic Bypass Pruner with 1 Inch Cutting Capacity, 1", Red

This vibrant red-colored hand pruner is one of those classic bypass pruners you would love to use. It has a 1-inch cutting capacity. The forged steel alloy blades are suitable for heavy-duty use by professional gardeners.

It features an additional sap groove that is very essential to keep the pruner away from getting sticky and dirty. So, you won’t need so much maintenance. Corona Classic Bypass Pruner is very easy to sharpen and reuse over a long time. The blades have been heating treated and hence retain durability for a long time.

To make it even longer-lasting, one can lubricate the blades after every consecutive use. For added safety, you can close the pruner when not in use. This is one of the best bypass pruner Analysis according to many pro gardeners.


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient locking mechanism
  • Ergonomic
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Very comfortable to use


  • The blades lose sharpness over time

Buying Guide – Features to Look for While Buying a Hand Pruners

If your mind is already in a whirl, thinking about which features to consider before buying a hand pruner, then here is the perfect guide for you. Before you dig into the features to look for, firstly try to understand why not everyone feels comfortable with the same hand pruner.

Your ease of getting the best tree pruners will depend on the size and shape of your hand, the grip strength, and also on your experience. If you are a pro you can practically manage well with any type of pruner whereas if you are new, you have to be picky regarding what suits you the best.

Here are the most important things to consider before buying a hand pruner

Nature of the Pruning Shear

Depending upon the working principle, pruners are basically of two broad types – bypass pruners and anvil pruners

Bypass pruners work like scissors where one blade (the top one) bypasses the bottom one and creates a similar motion to scissors. This type of pruner is suitable for detailed pruning, like cutting the plants into particular shapes and cuts.

Anvil pruners, on the other hand, work just like knives. They have a combination of a straight blade and a flat edge (the anvil). This is the bulky type of hand pruners that are mostly used to cut tough stems and branches. Anvil pruners are mostly useful for cutting dead stems rather than live plants.

Ratchet pruner is another hand pruner type commonly available. Truly speaking, this one is not strictly another type. Instead, it is a sub-type of the anvil pruner. This is a smart pruner with a special mechanism to make the tough cuts easier. If one has to cut a tough stem using a pruner lot of wrist strength is required.

Through the use of ratchet pruners, one can do the same task but in multiple steps through consequent squeezing and latch release which is overall a great way to reduce the strain during pruning. Old people who love gardening yet do not have much grip strength can use this type of pruner.

Though the selection of the type of pruner will depend upon your purpose, yet it is always best to go for the bypass pruners. These are easy to handle, cater to most of the gardening requirements perfectly. Most importantly, they help to give a clean and neat finish to the plants you cut or trim.

Quality of the Blades

Usually, all the pruner blades are made of steel. You need to check the quality of steel because there are various types of steel. Go for the ones which are durable and can be maintained easily.

These days, a special low friction coating is administered on the blades for two purposes: firstly, to make the cutting easier because the sap doesn’t stick to these coating and secondly to make cleaning the pruner easier.

Hard carbon steel is usually the best material for pruner blades. Carbon steel is the most durable and hardy steel. Moreover, there is no need to sharpen and nick carbon steel blades often. Not only the blade quality but the control of blade motion is also very important to ensure the life of the blade. Always try to choose pruners in which the blades can be tightened as per the requirement to ensure smooth and perfect cutting edges and prevent accidents.

Ergonomic Design

Who doesn’t like a pruner that will not give any wrist pain, will allow easy access, and will not demand the application of extreme force on the handles. People who prune trees very often appreciate ergonomic design.

Because such ergonomic pruners are exclusively designed to reduce all types of musculoskeletal pain that can arise from using the pruner thus making the pruning activity comfortable and fun-filled. The salient characteristics of most ergonomic pruners include Curved shape, soft-grip handles, and the angled blades. Rotating handle pruners are a recent launch and these are indeed the best type of pruners to avoid all sorts of hand fatigue.

Replacement Parts

Try to avoid purchasing such hand pruners whose parts are hard to replace. It is very obvious that after prolonged use, most of the hand pruners will get worn out, a few parts will get broken or damaged.

It is not possible to buy an entirely new pruner every time any part gets damaged. Hence go for those pruners whose parts can be easily replaced. One can usually find such parts on the manufacturer’s website itself. However, do make a good research before purchasing.

The Weight and Dimensions

You have to consider many things in this case. First, what is the cutting diameter offered by the pruner? It is very common for people to get overwhelmed when they see that a pruner can cut 1‘’ long branched. But, this is practically a myth.

Cutting longer twigs at once can be a great difficulty for your wrist because you will feel extreme strain and pain. Moreover, you will not get a clean edge. However, if you choose the ¾ inches or ½ inches pruners, you may need more time for pruning, but neither your wrist will get fatigued and you will get a smooth edgy cut that is much needed.

The next factor is the overall weight and size of the pruner. Make sure, whichever pruner you buy, it complies well with your palm and finger size. Handling a runner that is inappropriate for your hands can be great pain and one will not be able to work effectively.

Last but not the least, is a pro tip: Do not be denoted to buy cheap pruners. In the beginning, it may seem that you have saved a lot, but in the long run, you will run out of money to repair the damaged pruner. Instead, invest in a trusted good quality pruner which may cost you more in the beginning, but will prove to be cost-friendly in the long run.

Top Pick

Gonicc Titanium Bypass Pruners are one of the best hand pruners available. This is a professional pruner. The titanium blades are one of a kind and the best in performance. This is also a hedge clipper.

The pruner looks amazing and performs like a beast. The design is ergonomic and very comfortable to use. The aluminum and PVC non-slip handles are durable and very easy to work with. You can perform pruning for long hours with this one without feeling any type of strain in your wrist. The groove has a special sap design to exclude any debris accumulation. So, overall this one is the topper of the list.

The Best Hand Pruner Brands


They are the most popular members of the pruning world. They are available in plenty of styles and plenty of sizes, some models have been exclusively made for left-handed people. Felco pruners are made of the best quality steel blades.

You can easily disassemble the pruner making it superbly easy to clean, maintain, replace parts. The cutting wire notch improves the usability of the product. Most of the Felco Shears are ergonomic in design increasing the user’s convenience. They are well suited for all types of generalized gardening chores. These pruners come at reasonable prices somewhere in the range of $50-$70.


These are also renowned pruner brands. The presence of an extra sap groove has made this pruner a real favorite of may. Fiskar has a wide range of premium ergonomic pruners which have been specially designed for customized usages – some for people with low grip strength, some for elderly people who get easily fatigued, and so on. They are also provided in most of the toolboxes. The prices are reasonable. If you want an extra powerful; pruning experience, go for the Ultra Blade Power Shear Gear.


This brand is dedicated to making gardening a pleasurable experience for all. There is probably no one interested in gardening yet does not know about Gonicc. Gonicc manufactures premium quality pruners for all types of gardeners – amateur or pro. They have an array of styles and designs for pruners. You can get blades made of various materials and finish. Overall, this is one of the best brands that manufactured hand pruners.


Choosing the best pruning shears to pursue gardening can be difficult at times. But I am sure with the above information, you will have a fair idea about the different types of pruners available in the market. It is not only the effectiveness of the pruner that matters. Instead, it is also the safety, comfort, and durability that play a significant role in determining a pruner’s quality. Continue to celebrate nature’s best creation through effective gardening and make your plants happier than ever. Spread happiness and peace by making the environment more sustainable and green. Happy Gardening Forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Bypass Pruner?

Bypass pruners are similar in appearance and functionality to a traditional scissor. Because the typical scissor motion involves the bypass of the bottom blade by the top blade, thence this name. By far, bypass pruners are the most preferred and easiest to use pruners available.

This type of pruner caters to most gardening needs and hence amateur and pro gardeners both like to use this pruner type. The best part about bypass pruners is, they are extremely efficient in cutting and trimming green, live plants. Bypass pruners provide a smooth cut with clean edgy surfaces which is a common preference for many gardeners. They are great tools for the beautification of the garden.

2. Which is a better Bypass or Anvil Pruners?

Bypass and anvil pruners work differently. In a nutshell, their working principles are completely different. One acts like a scissor while the other one likes a knife. Whether you will use a bypass or anvil pruners depends on the need. If you want to trim and cut the soft plants then bypass pruners are better, whereas anvil pruners are better for dealing with the tough plant parts like branches.

3. What are Anvil Pruners used for?

Anvil pruners resemble knives in functioning. Anvil pruners are used to cut trees and branches just like a knife chops veggies placed on the chopping board. The anvil pruners are more effective for strong and hard branches.

Anvil pruners are not used for cutting delicate shrubs. These pruners are not at all suitable for delicate plants because they are robust in their action and hence cause damage to the soft plant tissues.

4. How do you sharpen Pruners?

The best way to sharpen any type of pruner is through the use of diamond files. You can easily hold the pruners at angles and sharpen them by applying pressure on the outer blade edge and filing in one particular direction. It will take less than 10 minutes to do this. Regular sharpening decreases the effort needed. The files used are inexpensive.

5. What is the meaning of Pruners?

Pruners or shears or hand pruners are a type of gardening tool. You can consider them as specialized scissors for plants. Pruners are primarily used for removing dead and damaged branches from trees, eliminating any diseased parts, for giving a clean look to the plants. Pruning a plant regularly will keep the growth under check and is good for plant health.

6. How do you sharpen pruners by hand?

Simply take the pruner and rub it in one direction over a diamond file or whetstone.

7. How do you clean hand pruners?

First, remove all the debris from the blades. You can use any brush to do this manually. Then soak the pruners in some regular kitchen cleaning liquid for some time. If the stains are too old, you can prefer to use some lukewarm water for this purpose. Then scrub the blades with a wire brush. This will remove most of the dirt or dried sap on the blades.

8. What can you clean pruners with?

You can clean pruners with regular kitchen cleaners, dishwashing liquid, or good quality bathroom cleaners. For rusted pruners, you can use WD-40.

9. How do you sterilize pruners?

You can use multiple methods to sterilize the pruners. One can use chlorine bleach in a diluted form or use isopropyl alcohol (70 percent preferably). Ethanol must be used in an undiluted form

10. How do you maintain pruners?

Always wipe the pruners after every single use to remove any dirt, debris, and sap from the blades. Maintain a firm position while using the pruners to keep the blades and surfaces [[proper. Whenever you use water to clean the pruners, make sure you dry them completely before storage. Sharpen the pruners from time to time to maintain good health. Always sterilize the pruners and never allow them to rust.

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