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How to Build an Artificial Garden Center for Your Preschooler

If you are a homeschooling parent of a preschooler you have probably given a lot of thought to setting up centers for your children to play at. The schools usually have plenty of play centers set up that will help children to learn as they play. You can take the time to set up some very similar centers in your own home.

One very nice center that is fun to make for preschools is an artificial garden. By having a center where children can play like they are gardening they may begin to develop a love of gardening. Below you will find a few ideas, and suggestions on how you can build your artificial garden center for your kids.

The first thing you will want to do is purchase some artificial grass. You can purchase a nice small amount from your local Home Depot store. You can usually get the pieces cut that you need. Place this in an area where you have your preschool items set up. You will also need to purchase some gardening items like a small shovel, and other items.

Many stores sell gardening kits for young kids. You can usually find these at your local “Toys R US”, store. Once you have it set up, and you have your kit, you can start bringing in some artificial flowers. Visit your local arts, and craft store for the flowers.

I have often found it to be a good idea to have the kids help with picking out the flower they would like for their garden. You can even purchase a few pots for them to put the artificial flowers in. The only thing that will be missing from the artificial garden, is the dirt, but this is one thing toddlers don’t need. Since kids tend to put things in their mouth, working with artificial items is best.

As they get older, and learn what they can, and can not put in their mouth you can slowly introduce some real items into the garden play center. Remember that the point of the artificial garden is to help your children learn the joys of gardening. When they are in there garden they should be allowed to do whatever they would like.

It is also a good idea for the parents to sit in the garden center with the kids, and play with them when they want. Kids will love the quality time, and they will love learning all about gardening.

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