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How To Protect Your Nails When Gardening

Whether you’re a weekend gardener or working in the soil every day, your hands are bound to take a beating when you spend time outdoors. And, if you love gardening but don’t want the grime under your nails and cuticles, there are tips to help prevent that.

Even gloves sometimes can’t keep it at bay, primarily if you work with wet soil. If this is something that worries or angers you, then read on for keeping your nails strong and smooth even after rough-duty work outside.

1. Always Wear Protective Gloves

Wearing gloves when gardening will help you avoid blisters, calluses, and sun exposure. They can also provide a barrier to protect your hands from getting dirty or having nails that break easily. Pro tip: If you put lotion on your hands before you put on the gloves, it will be easier to wash away dirt that gets inside your gloves.

2. Pamper Yourself With Perfect Manicures

You’re busy keeping your garden and landscaping looking their best, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your hands in the process. Even if you are not into manicure sessions, making an appointment every few weeks or once a month is a great way to let someone else help put away all that dirt while also keeping hands and nails clean, healthy, presentable.

3. Invest In A Cuticle Oil Or Balm

If you want to retain your nail’s health, it is essential that they are moisturized and nourished. Cuticle oil or balm can be applied regularly, so the skin around them remains soft. Coconut oil can also help with this if you need something on hand.

4. Get A Nail Hardener

Nail hardeners are the best way to keep your nails strong and healthy. In addition, they can be easily found at any store. Anyone can wear these clear liquids even if you don’t like wearing nail polish. You’ll want to make sure to check with the specific brand for instructions before applying, though. Using this product regularly keeps nails from splitting and brittle easily.

5. Get A Nail Brush Or Toothbrush To Brush Your Nails

Clean nails are the key to a clean-looking hand. Pick up an inexpensive nail brush or toothbrush at your local drugstore, so you always have one on hand when gardening. And use it after finishing yard maintenance tasks in order to keep dirt from getting under your cuticles. Use the toothbrush or nail brush with a little liquid soap to gently scrub away dirt under each finger.

6. Prepare An Oatmeal Soak For Your Fingernails

Oatmeal soaks are a great way to pamper your hands and help relieve the symptoms of dry skin, itchy or irritated feelings. Simply mix warm water with oatmeal in a bowl before submerging them into this soothing mixture for as long as necessary. Once you finish soaking, be sure to moisturize by applying lotion on top, it will keep your hands and cuticles soft.


You can protect your nails in many ways and still have joy while tending the garden. We hope these tips will help you keep your nails healthy this season. Now that your nails are protected go out there and have some fun.

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