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16 Great Gift Ideas For Your Friends

Buying gifts is not an easy job that’s for sure. Each year you have one idea less what to buy for your friends but thanks to online shops, you have so many ideas about what to gift them that you will have ideas for 100 years in extra. If you live that long.

For example, I’m not buying garbage gifts for my friends, like some stupid cheap toys which they will use maybe for a few hours and then put them on a shelf to rot.  It’s better to gift them the things they need. It can be some sentimental value, some really good tool for their hobby or just a thing which will remind them of you.

16 Best Gifts For Your Friends

1. Cups are never enough, get your friend a funny, yet useful cup.

2. If your friend has loads of cups, get him/her a funny shower curtain

3. If you got your friend a funny shower curtain, get your friend a bath bombs set too!

4. In case your friend does not like showers, then he/she definitely likes whiskey.

5. Cups, cups, cups, as I said they are never too much. And admit, this looks funny.

6. Who does not like pizza. And WHO does not like pizza SOCKS?

7. Does your friend take forever to finish things in the toilet? Guess what, maybe he/she is playing Golf!

8. The Good Ol Trump Toilet Paper will never get old

9. Give them pencils and this book and you won’t see a happier person

10. Winter is coming and this gift is calling you, I know it.

11. Boat Christmas Gift Ideas Include Multi-Tools, Flashlights, Bags

For a boat lover, there’s no greater joy than opening a package Christmas morning to find that great boat gift – a new tool or a boat-related gadget. Even something seemingly mundane – perhaps a set of new screwdrivers – can bring a huge smile if it’s intended for use on the boat.

The perfect Christmas gift for a boater might involve marine electronics, but brand-new VHF radios and GPS units don’t necessarily fit everyone’s budget. Fortunately, there are numerous less expensive – but still very boat-oriented – gifts that likely will suit a boater just as well.

12. Multi-Tool Makes Excellent Xmas Gift Ideas for Boat Lovers

Stylish boaters often are seen sporting a multi-tool such as a Leatherman or a model from Gerber Legendary Blades. It’s possible to use these tools for practically everything – they’ll fillet a fish, tighten a bolt, crimp an electrical connection and open a bottle or can.

When shopping for a multi-tool for your boater’s Christmas present, first determine whether a full-sized or a compact model would suit best. Then, compare tools – the Leatherman Surge, for example, has 21 tools that fold out from its full-sized body, including three different types of wire cutters, an electrical crimper and a saw.

Prices range from about $20 for models that fit on a keychain to more than $100 for models featuring close to two dozen different tools. Also, consider getting a proper case to go with that new multi-tool for your boat lover.

13. Headlamps Provide Safety Edge for Night Time Boaters

Most boaters know the phrase “One hand for yourself, one for the ship,” which urges mariners to hold on to lifelines or grab handles when moving on deck or below in choppy conditions. But at night, it’s hard to find one hand for yourself, one for the ship … and a third one for the necessary flashlight.

Fortunately, an LED headlamp eliminates the need for that third hand, and therefore can provide both utility and safety for the boat lover on your Christmas gift list. Petzl offers several great LED light headlamp models, including some with red lenses to protect night vision. LED Lenser, meanwhile, makes some rechargeable headlamp units.

Prices start at $10 for an inexpensive model at the local home improvement store, but to make sure you put a quality unit under the Christmas tree for your boat lover, expect to pay around $40.

14. Powerful Flashlight Makes Great Christmas Gift for Boat Lovers

Of course, there are times when boaters want a true flashlight rather than a headlamp – the more powerful, the better. In this case, one of the LED flashlights by LED Lenser should top that Xmas gift list.

These stunningly bright flashlights, favored by police for night time use, can shine beams up to one-third of a mile – plenty to find that unlit mark at the channel entrance or to spot other boats.

LED Lenser flashlights are not cheap – the Coast LED Lenser X21, the company’s most powerful model, retails for around $290, while less powerful models cost around $80 (although they still can light a mark several hundred feet away or more). But a boat lover who operates at night almost certainly will enjoy this Christmas gift.

15. Canvas Bag Makes a Perfect Boat Lover Xmas Gift

Boaters, especially those who live aboard, never seem to have enough canvas bags. These boat bags, which some traditional retailers still call “ice bags” because they’re used to transport blocks of ice, can hold everything from tools to food on a boat.

Canvas bags aren’t high-tech, but they make a thoughtful, useful Christmas gift for boat lovers. Online retailers Lands’ End and L.L. Bean carry them in a variety of sizes and colors, and also offer the option of having the boat’s name or the boater’s initials monogrammed on the bag.

Consider buying one with long handles, which can help boaters who need to haul supplies for long distances. In addition, a zipper top can prevent items from falling out of the bag and into the water. Medium canvas bags retail for around $25, while the largest zip-top bags sell for around $45, plus a monogramming fee.

16. Christmas Gifts for Boat Lovers Available for Any Budget

Regardless of whether your budget runs to a micro multi-tool or a mammoth flashlight, one of these Christmas gift ideas could suit the boater on your list this year. In addition, some, like the multi-tools and the canvas bags, likely will be featured in sales around Black Friday.

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