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Entertaining for the Holidays

On average, 65% of Americans entertain on a regular basis. During the holiday, this figure would increase greatly. Whether you organize a gala or an intimate, family-style event, there are a number of cookbooks with some great ideas.

For low-carb recipes, ValuSoft’s “Master Cook Deluxe Cook Low-Carb” is America’s best-selling cooking software. This PC-based program is especially helpful when it comes to planning menus, sending shopping lists to your PDA, and downloading recipes. In addition, it provides nutritional analysis of your recipes. This user-friendly program features over 1300 tasty, dishes. It has time-saving tips with all the basics on cooking from professional chefs.

Surrey Books is the best source for vegetarian cookbooks. They recently released “Venturesome Vegetarian Cooking” by J.M. Hirsh et al with full-flavored dishes free of dairy and meat products. These recipes are bound to become favorites. One of my favorites is the vegetarian haggis. There are suitable choices for every part of the meal. The authors provide a special chapter for breakfast. Beautifully illustrated in color, the recipes feature simple directions and special cooking tips.

Whatever kind of cookbook you may need, Cookbook Resources LLC has it. Among their most popular titles are “The Best of Cooking With 3 Ingredients” by Ruthie Wornall, “The Ultimate Cooking With 4 Ingredients” by Jean Coates, and “Make in 3 Easy Steps-Cooking With 5 Ingredients” by Barbara C. Jones.

These spiral-bound cookbooks have affordable, quick and easy dishes that are suitable for novice cooks-even children. Coates’ title features over 800 recipes. Wornall’s book is especially helpful for busy people, for she has ten-minute dinners and ten-minute parties as well as five-minute crockpot dishes. Jones presents inexpensive, quick recipes with three steps that children will just love.

One of the most popular cookbook titles around is “Six Ingredients Or Less” by Carlean Johnson from CJ Books. Newly revised and expanded, this features over 600 quick and easy recipes that are especially suitable for beginners. In the sidebars, the author offers cooking tips and additional information.

The dishes are arranged by type with special sections having recipes for children to prepare, and slow-cooking dishes. The author has written several other titles in this series, including ones for chicken, low carb, light and healthy recipes, slow cookers, pasta and casseroles. These are listed on the Six Ingredients or Less website.

A number of organizations have published excellent cookbooks. “What’s Cooking in the Grange-Family Recipes from Grange Homes Over the Years” was released by The National Grange. This nonprofit is for those involved in family farming.

In addition to down-home recipes, readers can learn all about the Grange, its history, and information on the state chapters. The delicious recipes are arranged by type of dish. There are symbols for quick or easy recipes, heirloom recipes, and ones suitable for child cooks, and men’s specialties.

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