A Great Father and Son or Daughter Activity: Fishing!

Fishing has always provided a means for parents to spend quality time with their children or grandchildren out in the open and away from distractions. Fishing is a gateway activity into camping and hiking as well as reminding and encouraging us to support efforts to protect our public lands and sustain our fishing lakes and rivers.

If it’s been years since your last fishing trip, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the advances in tackle supplies and boating accessories. Also, our regional park systems are doing an excellent job of stocking our lakes and rivers. You’ll also find plenty of online resources to help you plan the great fishing getaway vacation or to help you get started with the basics.

Fishing is truly a hobby where you chart your own course since the field is so broad and you can discover your own niche that suits you. From the local catch and release pond to deep-sea fishing, from making your own lures, to raising your own bait, from ice fishing to night fishing, there’s plenty for you to explore in search of the perfect hobby.

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