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Home Every Day? Don’t Vegetate!

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If you do not work out of the house, it doesn’t mean you don’t work. There are, however, times when you find yourself sitting idle. There are things you can do aside from vegetating. Really!

OK, you have done the dishes, washed the floors, dusted, and did four loads of laundry. Now it’s 2:00 PM, dinner is hours away and you’re at a loss for something to do. No problem, you wouldn’t believe the possibilities in store for those few off-hours.

Learn something new

Interested in a subject but haven’t learned much about it? Go to the library, bookstore, or even the museum. Get a book, video, or teacher and find out more about: Horses, Antiques, Restoring furniture, etc.

Love fresh bread? Learn how to bake your own. There are so many reasons to do it, from learning, and a tasty treat; you will get great satisfaction out of doing it yourself.

Take up painting or drawing. Who knows, you just might be the next Picasso. Or you can just have a lot of fun.

Join a Gym. Why not do something good for yourself. If the Gym isn’t an option, rent, or buy an exercise tape. Or simply run around the yard with the kids.


Volunteer at your local school, senior citizens center, or the local food bank. You can even volunteer here as an editor.

Get back to nature

Take an hour a day to commune with nature. Learn all of the local species of trees. Catalog all the local birds, as you see them. Or just sit and watch the grass grow.

Plant a tree or bush. Make and fill a window box. Save a housefly by letting it go free, instead of swatting it. Arrange flowers for every room.


  • Put together a crossword puzzle. Collect coins for every year you’ve been alive.
  • Play one of your kid’s video games. Get a coloring book and crayons and color. Build something grand with Lego building blocks.
  • Create a photo family history book. Write your own recipe book, in a journal.
  • Go window-shopping, and try on everything you like. Rent your favorite movie.
  • Surf the Web for topics you never have before.

Now tell me you have nothing to do with those extra minutes!

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