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How to Make a Garden Candle of Beautiful Butterflies

Will Brighten Up Any Room

This is a great candle project to make with the kids. The painting lets them express their creative and artistic side in a constructive way. And what kids don’t love painting.

I personally found this candle-making project to be loads of fun and an inexpensive way to brighten up my bathroom and windowsills with color. The best part about this project is that all of the painting is done on the inside of the jar.

Here are the supplies you are going to need:

  • Glass Jar that is Clean & Dry
  • Kitchen Sponge
  • 2 Tapered Paint Brushes – 1 Medium, 1 Fine
  • Water Based Acrylic Paint
  • Light Green
  • Dark Green
  • 5 Bright Flower Colors of your choice
  • Butterfly Stickers or Decals
  • Long Scissors
  • Paper Plate
  • Wick
  • A bottle of scent (if you want it scented)
  • Blue Candle Dye (blocks or liquid)
  • Container Wax
  • Craft Stick
  • Glue Gun or Glue Dots

Step 1:

Pour a little bit of the dark green paint on paper plate and using the medium brush dip the tip into the dark green paint

Step 2:

With the paint brush starting from the bottom of the jar, make upward strokes close together that are about an inch high. You can add more paint as needed. It is completely alright for some of the strokes to be darker than others as this will give the “Garden” a dimensional look.

Step 3:

Continue painting all the way around the jar and then repeat this process about 1 inch above the first row with 1/4 “to 1/2” tall strokes depending on the height of your jar. Continue painting all the way around again.

Step 4:

Now using the bright paint colors you chose go ahead and place a small drop of each color onto your paper plate.

Step 5:

Then take your medium paint brush and dip the tip of it in one color at a time and place a solid dot of color all of the way around the jar, skipping a few stems in between. Now repeat this step for all of the colors until the row is full of all of the colors.

Step 6:

Next use the fine brush to repeat this process for the top row.

Step 7:

Let the paint completely dry on the jar.

Step 8:

Pour a small amount of the light green paint onto your paper plate.

Step: 9

Next using your scissors cut your sponge into a small rectangle measuring about 1/2″ by 1″.

Step 10:

Then dampen your sponge, squeeze out any excess water and then blot it with a paper towel.

Step 11:

Holding your sponge at an angle and using the corner of it dab the sponge lightly into the light green paint. Use your sponge to blotch the light green paint onto the jar to fill in the space starting at the bottom of jar and going all the way to the next line of flowers. Doing this helps to create the illusion of grass.

* Do not go past the top line of flowers and if you are using a tall jar you can add a couple white fluffy clouds around the top of the jar by simply using the sponge method used for the grass and white paint instead of the green. You would space the clouds around the top but below the neck of the jar with some high and then some just a little lower. The clouds should end up below the top of the wax. This will finish the jar off nicely.

Step 12:

Let all the paint completely dry.

Step 13:

Next take the one-pour container wax that you chose and melt it. As it’s melting add the scent you chose as well as a bit of blue coloring. Only add enough to achieve a nice light blue color that will resemble the sky.

Step 14:

Using a glue gun or strong glue attach your wick to the bottom of your jar. Then fill your jar with the light blue colored wax you have melted
* If you have painted the clouds on the jar then fill the wax up past the clouds, but do not overfill the jar. I recommend using a craft stick to hold the wick straight and in the center of the jar while your wax cools.

Step 15:

Take your butterfly stickers and place them wherever you would like on the outside of your jar. You can place some facing one way and others going the other way and some up and some down to add to the illusion they are flying around.
*It’s best to use larger butterflies towards the bottom and smaller ones towards the top. This helps to give a really cool 3D effect to the candle jar.

Now your done and it’s time for you to enjoy the beautiful butterfly garden candle you have made. I put mine in the living room on my end tables. I think they add a bit of charm and color to the room.

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