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Summer Fun for Kids

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What to do when the kids say,” There’s nothing to do!” Well, have then tried this fun Fractured Fairy Story. It can be played over and over, with totally different stories. And, Shhh, They’ll be learning their English words.

Once they’ve mastered the concept, they can create their own Fractured Stories. It could mean hours of fun, peace, and quiet.

Fun Fractured Fairy Stories

Rules: Ask a friend for the underlined word, without reading them the story. Fill in their words, and you have a funny story.


Once upon a time, in the land of the noun. There lived an adjective Princess. She spent most of her day’s verb ing. On rainy days she liked to verb, but only if her family member was in the place.

One day the princess decided to verb around the castle. Her family member and family member thought she was an adjective. They told her to verb right away. The princess verb-ed and said; “This is my noun, and I will verb if I want to.

Her family member verb-ed, and pointed at the princess’ noun. They sent her right to her place, without her noun.

After a while, she heard a knock on her noun. It was her family member, the jester. He/She was verb-ing, his head off. The princess did not think her punishment was an adjective. In fact, she thought it was an adjective. So the jester left.

The princess looked out of her noun. It was very adjective. She thought she could see a person coming out of the noun. Her heart verb-ed. Could this be her person in shining armor? She took the noun, off of her noun, and waver it in the air. It worked. She had been verb-ed. She verb-ed to find something for a person to climb upon. She quickly found a noun, and verb-ed it out the window.

The person verb-ed up the noun. He looked at her with adjective eyes. She verb-ed. They both verb-ed down the side of the noun. And rode off into the noun, and verb-ed happily ever after.

Rhyming Lists

This one is easy. Just give the kids a list of ten words. Then have them find as many rhyming words they can. If the kids are a little older, try having them make a list of anonyms. If there are two or more playing, the one with the biggest list, of real words, wins.

Another word game

Make out a list of five words, containing at least six letters. Have the kids take them apart and see how many words they can come up without of those letters.

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