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A visit to the zoo can be more than just a day of entertainment. Imagine viewing wildlife, exotic and farm animals on 7 acres of peaceful, beautiful grounds. “What’s so unusual about that?” you might say.

Well, it is when you realize this “one of a kind” zoo, located in the beautiful Pinelands of southern New Jersey, specializes in caring for abused, neglected, handicapped, exploited, and unwanted animals. All the animals living at this facility have been rescued from a life of cruel treatment and are now living out their lives in a peaceful, caring environment, giving much enjoyment to the many children who visit daily.

A visit to the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River, NJ can teach your children compassion as they learn how each animal, in dire need of rescue, came to be a part of this tranquil place they now call home.

Living in South Jersey, I had heard of the Popcorn Park Zoo and had many times passed the carloads of children anxiously awaiting entrance into the park. Being a family-type excursion, I awaited the arrival of my 4-year-old grandson from Atlanta, knowing he would thoroughly enjoy an afternoon of fun in the sun, learning all about the animals.

Armed with our boxes of popcorn to feed the animals, we forged ahead to find easily accessible pathways, benches for the weary to rest their feet, (comfortable walking shoes or sneakers are a must), picnic tables, and rest stops for those who plan ahead when traveling with small children, and interesting information regarding the animals every step of the way. An adoption center is also available for those interested in giving a good home to a homeless dog or cat.

The afternoon ended with a very sleepy little boy and an exhausted grandmother with some precious memories. All in all, a very worthwhile (and inexpensive) outing.

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