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10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

There is no better way to spend a sunny Sunday than making a picnic in a part of a barbecue in your backyard. It is a great way to bond with your family away from all the technology and stress the average day brings in your life. While you wait for a barbecue to do what it has to, you can play awesome outdoor games for the entire family. You can make them yourself, you can buy them but the most important part is that you will have fun!

Disc golf

Disc Gold - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Disc Gold – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

Disc golf is one very interesting game. It is actually a combination of traditional golf and Frisbee. It is a great activity you can play both in the park and in your backyard. It is called disc golf because the main goal is the same as in golf. You have to bring the object in the hole as few tries as possible. Just like the golf ball and the hole.

But, the main difference is that you don’t need a golf club or a ball. What you need is a flying disc or a Frisbee. Your main goal is to throw a Frisbee in an elevated metal basket the best way you can. But, I must warn you, it is not as easy as it sounds!


Corntoss - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Corntoss – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

Cornhole is a great game you can actually DIY at home. It is a great bean bag toss game and you don’t need much material for it. It is mainly made from one – wood. Make two open boxes with one round hole on the top of the box, just like on the picture. Elevate one end of each box so that the box leans on one side and color it the way you like it. Let the color dry and you are done.

Now, all you need are bean bags you can toss in the hole. You can use a hard fabric so it can last a long time and fill it with whatever you like. It can be beans, beads, absolutely anything. The only thing you have to do now is to toss the bean bag in the hole of the box from a distance.


Badminton - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Badminton – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

Badminton is a must-have game at every family gathering ever. For the game, you need two racquets for badminton and a special ball called the shuttlecock. You can use the plastic and feathered shuttlecock, depending on the game. But, when you are playing badminton at a family gathering, it doesn’t really matter what kind of a shuttlecock you use, as long as you have fun, right?


Horseshoes - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Horseshoes – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

Horseshoes are pretty similar to the disc golf game because you will need precision in throwing objects. You can also have a DIY project for the game because it is extremely simple to make. For the game, you will need a stick and horseshoes. You don’t have to use horseshoes if you don’t have any, but you can use any modern object which resembles a horseshoe. You can make a bean bag in a shape of a horseshoe. A wooden horseshoe is also a great replacement when you can’t find the real one.

Spike ball

Spikeball - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Spikeball – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

Spike ball is a serious game that will keep your adrenaline levels high. It is a simple game with just one rule – don’t drop the ball. It consists of one yellow ball and a circular bouncing net. It is made for 4 players who are playing 2 against 2. The game starts when the first team bounces the ball from the net to the other team. The second team has to make 3 throws between them and then return the ball to the first team, by bouncing it off the net. There are no fields, no boundaries so are prepared to run, jump and throw yourself to save the ball.

Tin can bowling

Tin Can Bowling - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Tin Can Bowling – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

One of the best DIY bowling versions is definitely tin can bowling. It is the best because you really don’t need much for it. All you need is backyard, tin cans, and a ball strong enough to hit the cans. What I like the most about this game is the fact that you are recycling! Using the tin cans for a game is a great idea, but you have to clean them properly for this game to work.

When the cans are cleaned you will have to color them and you know that color peels off of the dirty surface. So, when you clean the tin cans, give each family member one or two cans and let the coloring begin! When the cans are dry, prepare the backyard for some bowling!

Freeze tag & shadow tag 

Freeze tag & shadow tag - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Freeze tag & shadow tag – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

Playing tag is always a lot of fun, but why don’t you suggest a little upgrade for the game? A freeze tag is just like the regular tag, but the person who is chasing others is freezing them! That means when you are frozen you can’t move and someone has to touch you to unfreeze you so you can keep on running!

Another “upgraded” version is shadow tag. That game is extremely interesting because the one who chases doesn’t chase you, he chases your shadow! That is right, you have to pay a close attention to your shadow. This game reminds me a little bit of Peter Pan and his shadow.

Three-legged race

Three-legged race - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Three-legged race – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

I believe that the famous three-legged race is a great game for family gatherings because you have to work like a team to win this race. It is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner while you have so much fun. The basic rule of this race is to win the race while you and your partner have one leg tied together. That means between you two there would be 4 hands, 2 heads but 3 legs. It is not as easy as it sounds J

Flag football

Flag football - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Flag football – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

American football is a big part of America and when people aren’t watching it, they are playing it. Ok, I don’t mean you have to play the real deal, but a less intense game like the flag football will work like a charm. Just, make sure that you divide the teams fairly or it won’t be fun. Also, give a task for all those who can’t or don’t feel like playing. Yes, I am talking about cheerleading and water boy roles. Those are pretty important roles!

Capture the flag

Capture the flag - 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family
Capture the flag – 10 Best Outdoor Games for Family

Since I am already mentioning the flags, there is another game for big family gatherings. Capture the flag is an intense game that will keep your adrenaline levels high. You need two teams for this game and the goal is to find the flag of the other team. Now, the rules actually depend on the situation. If you decide to hide the flag, you have to set few rules (not to hide it in some hole – it has to be in a visible place…)

Each of these 10 games is a great activity for you and your entire family.  For some, you don’t need much and for some equipment is welcome, but they all have one thing in common and that is fresh air, great time, and soon-to-be great memories for the entire family.

Mark is a foosball player and a fierce football fan. His favorite activity is playing foosball on a porch on a warm sunny day. The best way to see his enthusiasm about foosball is to visit his blog called the Foosball Zone. There, he writes posts about foosball and Analysis of different foosball tables like the most famous one – The tornado foosball table.

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