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How To Leverage SEO Tactics To Boost E-commerce Sales

The E-commerce market is getting competitive year by year. The cut-throat margins have created more and more bottlenecks forming it almost impossible to break even for new and upcoming businesses. 

Where product marketing requires a considerable portion of your profits, it is essential to look out for cost-effective methods to bring consistent traffic.

Paid promotions are valid to an extent where the traffic is proportional to the campaign budget you have. But consider this, the SEO optimization of your site will directly bring you on top of a search result. So, whenever a buyer Googles printed cups, you will be the first recommendation. This is basically a free sale without marketing!

SEO is the first thing to focus on when you are planning to scale your online business. The e-commerce business is set to surpass the 4.8 Billion mark by 2021.

More and more companies are opting for an online medium to sell physical products and digital assets. So, how will you create optimum recognition for your business to convince a visitor to become a buyer. The answer is simple. You need a concrete strategy to lure traffic naturally and efficiently deliver what they are expecting. 

So without wasting much time. Let’s jump into the topic to learn SEO tactics that will improve your conversion rates:

#1. Add a Blog to your website

But wait, you were selling products on your site? What good would a blog do to you?

Your website has given enough listings of products, but you are still unable to go through sufficient sales. But don’t worry, no site has a 100% conversion rate.

You need to look out for alternatives to engage your audience. Creating blogs on your site will drive more traffic hence proportionally creating more blogs. You can use this section to build brand awareness, review your projects, and develop comparisons with other products in the market.

Your blog will create credibility among your audience when you give a just review discussing all the benefits of your product and how well will it benefit the buyers. 

You can use blogging to place keywords. Google loves blogs. You can further use your blog to place internal links and create redirecting sales. These links will direct users to blog posts or product pages.

#2. Use Long-tail Keywords

A product name must have almost four words. 

Most products have at least four words on average. This will help you to narrow down the search and use long-tail keywords.

So go ahead and add long-term keywords in the names of your product. Similarly, use the description box of your products to add specific details about the product. 

Being specific about your product will help you to cut out through the competition and stand out to the niche audience. Hence by being particular about your product, you can create traction for the product that meets your buyer’s requirement.

#3. Do a Quick Keyword Research

Before jumping into the SEO strategy, take a quick look at keywords that concerns your business. Use professional tools to recognize the keywords your customers use while doing a search. Google Adwords is a great place to start your research, 

Use the keyword planner to identify phrases that are directly relevant to your product. For example, your facial scrub can be benefited by the keyword “mild exfoliating” use these terms to optimize the search procedures for your products.

These little optimizations will add up creating significant optimizations in your SEO game. The exact keywords will help you to bring organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is, therefore, cost-effective conversions that will save your marketing costs in the long run.

#4. Keep the Architecture Simplistic

Pay attention to topics like crawling and indexing. The automated tools go through your pages to identify significant data to enhance the search engine’s capabilities. The information is then stored in the index pages to be accessed every time user searches a query. 

So how can you benefit your business using this concept? 

By simplifying your website architecture. If the navigation of your site is too complicated, the bots or “crawlers” may find it difficult to scan and read through the components of your website. Hence, when you create a simple website architecture, you have the advantage of getting an easy-to-understand, Search engine-friendly, and trustworthy site.

A simple architecture will also make it easier for the visitors to get the hang of your site, Hence building credibility and streamlining the process of creating a purchase.

#5. Identify discrepancies

Trace all the bugs and errors in your website. Get an experienced developer to debug your site to get a stellar e-commerce platform. As discussed earlier, crawlers help you with your SEO optimizations. You cannot afford to have any broken link in such a situation.

So go ahead and look out for the following errors:

  • Plagiarised or duplicate content
  • Broken links
  • Inefficient redirecting links
  • Slow downloading images

Clearing out these errors, you will be able to create a seamless experience for your buyers and build more traffic conveniently. 

Based on the same premises, create site optimizations to facilitate platform usage across different devices. Users now prefer mobile devices over desktops to make everyday purchases.

Currently, 80% of the total e-commerce is being channeled through mobile devices. By creating a mobile-friendly platform, you will have the advantage of improving your conversions through mobile users.

#6. Improve the loading speed

If you are using a slow hosting service, chances are your page is taking too long to load. In such a scenario the search engines are bound to penalize you for your network speed. 

You need to act on it quickly by opting for a quality hosting service. It is evident if the loading speed is delayed by a few seconds, the bounce rate will improve significantly.

#7. Add a meta description to your website

The meta description is the short summary that is returned below the search result. It is relatively short, about 155 characters long.

From the point of a buyer, these are effective in describing your products. Whereas, from the SEO point the definitions are a bit blurred. But it is clear that a good meta description will help you to get better clicks from the users. 

Use call to action terms like find a shop or discover in these descriptions to encourage users and get valid responses. Use coherent keywords in the meta descriptions to improve results for search queries.

#8. Keep an eye on your competitors.

It is essential to look out for your competition. You must know the specifics, their business strategy, marketing options, customer support network. Your business is vulnerable to growing e-commerce that might be offering better service than yours. 

It is up to you to compare your services with theirs. This includes contrasting the design, interface, purchase procedure, discount offers, supply management, and business terms and conditions. 

Keep an eye on their SEO strategies and what practices are working in their favor. You can use tools like SEMrush to analyze the SEO optimizations of your competition. Just use this information to make the most of your strategy.


A good SEO strategy will help you to create useful traffic that is organic hence more likely to make purchases. The ultimate goal of your SEO optimization is to drive sales.

So do your keyword research and identify precisely what your customers are looking for. 

Simplify the architecture of your website and ease up the navigation through the pages. Give great descriptions of the products and continuously improve by taking user feedback.

Use the available information to ace the SEO game and create new opportunities for your e-commerce business.

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