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8 Best Lawn Sprinklers To Buy in 2022

A typical lawn needs heavy watering daily. Watering the lawn daily is a difficult task. If you have a large lawn, manual watering can be a time-consuming matter. You can save time and effort with a lawn sprinkler. Sprinkler heads can shoot water at a distance of 55 to 60 feet. In every minute, lawn sprinklers can spread 60 gallons of water.

For managing a large and beautiful lawn, you need to find a top-quality lawn sprinkler. A good lawn sprinkler serves for a long time. In this article, a guide to purchasing lawn sprinklers is provided. Along with useful information, you can also find review on some of the best lawn sprinklers.

1. Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler with 2-Way Adjustment and QuickConnect Product Adapter Set, Amazon Bundle

For maintaining lawns, you need to invest in various products. Among those products, a sprinkler is a common item. Many types of sprinklers are there. You need to choose a product depending on a few factors. The most significant factor is the size of the lawn.

You can invest in the oscillating sprinkler if you have a small or medium lawn. This product from Melnor comes with many unique features. Being an oscillating sprinkler, it sprinkles water in a square or rectangular pattern. Some of the features of this type of sprinkler are:

  • It comes with a high-quality rubber nozzle. Oscillating lawn sprinklers are suitable for medium lawns, though this product is an exception. It is suitable for gardens up to 4500 square feet.
  • The product comes with twin touch adjustment controls. From watering flower beds to a large grass field, it serves all purposes with precision.
  • The package includes Quick Connect Product Adapter, which can aid in quickly connecting and disconnecting the sprinkler.
  • A smooth watering process happens with this sprinkler due to the Infinity Turbo Drive technology. Additionally, technology increases the overall lifespan of the product.
  • For operating the sprinkler, you need a manual power source.


  • Durable performance
  • Suitable for medium and large lawns
  • Easy to connect and disconnect with Quick Connect Product Adapter
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for nighttime sprinkle
  • Not reliable for auto-timed sprinkling
  • Manual power source

2. Orbit 58308Z Brass Impact Sprinkler

Orbit 58308Z Brass Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base, GreenFor a large lawn, an impact sprinkler is a perfect option for hassle-free water sprinkling. This product comes with a sturdy and durable tripod base. With its high tripod base, it gets the power to throw the water to a large distance.

For operating an impact sprinkler, you need to have a high-pressure water tap. If a tap does not offer a high amount of water pressure, you should not go for such a product. Being made with brass, the product commits durable performance. It does not catch rust. Some of the advanced features of the product are:

  • The sprinkler can cover a large area. It can spray water up to 90 feet. It can provide a watering solution for an area of 6360 square feet.
  • Crafted with brass material, this sprinkler can provide a durable solution. It withstands high water pressure without getting damaged.
  • This product offers a full 360-degree watering solution to buyers. You can change the spraying distance radius.
  • It has an anti-backsplash arm, which makes spraying water in a consistent pattern. You can also obtain accuracy in spraying direction with this sprinkler.
  • The flow-through design of this sprinkler can easily resist clogging. Gooseneck connection makes it simpler to connect to the hose.


  • Easy to set up and storage
  • Anti-tipping and durable design
  • Strong tripod base
  • Brass material is rust-resistant


  • No instructions for customization features
  • The brass nozzle may get stuck at times

3. Melnor 65067-AMZ Pulsating Sprinkler

Sprinkling water on the lawn is important to take care of the grass and plantations on the lawn. For sprinkling water in an efficient manner, you need to opt for a top-quality water sprinkler. If you are looking for such a product, you can opt for the pulsating sprinkler. It can sprinkle water to your lawn with perfection.

Why should you consider purchasing the product? Some of the most highlighted features of the product are:

  • The sprinkler is suitable for large lawns. It can throw water up to 85 inches. Users can customize the spraying distance as per their requirements.
  • The sprinkler head is made of high-quality metal. It assures durable performance to the buyers. Along with the metal head, the metal base is sturdy too.
  • Quick Connect Product Adapter helps in quickly connecting and disconnecting the sprinkler.
  • Melnor is a well-known brand for manufacturing lawn sprinklers. This product comes with a warranty of 7 years from the manufacturer.


  • Top-quality metal ensures durability
  • Quick Connect Product Adapter included in the package
  • Prevent over or under watering with a water timer
  • 7 years warranty


  • It does not turn 360-degree
  • No instructions included
  • Clogging may happen at times

4. Melnor 65050-AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler

An oscillating sprinkler sprays water in a square or rectangular pattern. If you have a rectangular lawn, you can invest in the oscillating sprinkler. However, such sprinklers work well in different other types of lawns too. If you are looking for such a sprinkler, you can choose this product from Melnor.

This top-quality oscillating sprinkler comes with many unique features. The efficiency of the sprinkler is top-notch. Following are some leading features of the product :

  • The sprinkler is suitable for a large lawn. It can cover the area up to 3000 square feet. Hence, a large ground will get covered precisely with this sprinkler.
  • Even watering is crucial, and many sprinklers fail to deliver that to the users. This product comes with 15 precision nozzles to provide an even watering solution.
  • It features an adjustable spray range, making it easier to spray water at the place where you precisely want.
  • The package includes Quick Connect Product Adapter, which helps in easy connecting and disconnecting the sprinkler.
  • The overall product commits to be durable. The manufacturer offers a three years warranty on the product to the buyers.


  • 15 precision nozzles for evenly watering
  • Adjustable spray range
  • Suitable for large lawns
  • Three years warranty from the manufacturer


  • Holes can often get clogged
  • Too lightweight – it falls frequently
  • The hose could be a little stuffer

5. Melnor 65065-AMZ 6 Pattern Turbo Rotary Sprinkler

A rotary sprinkler is the commonest type of sprinkler that you can find in the marketplace. This product from Melnor is a perfect addition for small and medium lawns. The sprinkler comes with a top-quality metallic body which assures durable performance. It also comes with a vast adapter set. Operating the sprinkler is easy.

You can customize the water spraying direction as per your need. The water timer is there to help you in preventing over-watering or under-watering. The nozzles and wands also feature excellent performance and durability. They do not get clogged due to the anti-clogging technology. Some of the other features of the product are :

  • This rotary sprinkler is suitable for small and medium lawns. It can sprinkle water up to 70 inches in diameter.
  • The product comes with six options for changing the spraying pattern. It helps in sprinkling the water for different purposes with perfection.
  • The turbo-motor of the product comes with an extra-long life. The manufacturer commits durability.
  • You can quickly connect and disconnect to the sprinkler with the Quick Connect Product Adapter included in the package.


  • Rotary sprinklers are noisy, though this product makes a little noise
  • The pattern is easy to understand
  • It comes with a bib for a hose in series
  • Suitable for small and medium lawns


  • Secondary control to limit the throw
  • No color options available
  • Plastic material, though the manufacturer commits durability

6. Eden 94113 Lawn & Garden Essential Oscillating Water Sprinkler

A good quality water sprinkler is essential for managing a large or medium lawn. Manual watering is time-consuming. Nevertheless, it is not possible to give efforts to water the lawn daily. Manual watering is also erroneous. A machine can evenly spread the water. But, a man cannot do that.

If you are looking for a water sprinkler for a large garden or lawn, you can opt for this product. This lawn sprinkler is an oscillating lawn sprinkler. It sprays water in oscillating movement.

Moreover, oscillating sprinklers spray water in a square or rectangular pattern. Some notable features of this product are discussed below.

  • Buyers can find 16 plastic nozzles included in the package. These nozzles offer water spraying in different patterns to serve different purposes.
  • The water sprinkler is suitable for medium and large gardens. It can spray water up to 80 inches in diameter.
  • This water sprinkler comes with a leak-proof connector. Hence, it does not lead to loss of water.
  • The water spraying patterns are adjustable. You can adjust the spraying patterns for ensuring even water spraying on the ground.
  • It comes with a sealed turbo drive, which is dirt-resistant. The overall quality of the product is good and durable.


  • 4-zone water timer
  • Quick and easy switching tool
  • Top-notch durability
  • 16 plastic nozzles
  • Easily adjustable water spraying pattern


  • No tripod stand available
  • The spraying diameter could be higher

7. Signature Garden Three-Arm Sprinkler

Water sprinkling on your garden or lawn will become easy with this three-arm sprinkler. This lawn sprinkler comes with a premium look and unique design. Being a lightweight product, it can be moved from one place to another place easily. It also comes with excellent thickness. Overall build-quality of the product is good. Below you can find the most highlighting features of this product:

  • With this garden premium lawn sprinkler, you can obtain excellent coverage for your small and medium lawn. It can cover up to 360 square feet with precision. The maximum spraying distance is 32.8 inches, while it can cope with 80 PSI water pressure.
  • Stability and efficiency are the two major aspects of this product. Due to the presence of metal weights, it provides stable performance. On the other hand, the sprinkler is so efficient that you can leave it unattended.
  • A complete 360-degree rotational rage is another major highlight of this product. So, you can place the sprinkler in the middle of your garden. It will sprinkle water on all sides.
  • Made of thick ABS material, the lawn sprinkler assures durable performance. According to the manufacturer, this heavy-duty sprinkler will last for a lifetime.
  • It comes with a replacement warranty for a lifetime. In case of any quality issues, customers can get their products replaced by the manufacturer.


  • Premium and durable built-quality
  • 360-degree water sprinkler for lawns
  • Easy to install on the lawns
  • Stable and efficient


  • No instructions included in the product package
  • Suitable for small and medium gardens

8. Melnor 4501 Traveling Sprinkler Lawn

Melnor 4501 Traveling Sprinkler Lawn Rescue-13,500 sq. ft. Coverage Variable Speed Control with Adjustable Spray Arms, 10 x 17.63 x 8 inches

A traveling lawn sprinkler is suitable for large lawns and stadiums. Static lawns cannot reach the nooks and corners of the ground. But, a traveling lawn can reach all places and sprinkle water evenly on the plantation and ground.

Melnor is known as one of the leading manufacturers of lawn sprinklers. It comes with a large collection of products. Along with various static lawn sprinklers, it also comes with traveling lawn sprinklers. This traveling lawn sprinkler from Melnor comes with the following highlighting features.

  • You can create the path for the self-propelled sprinkler. It will follow the path that you have created.
  • It does not need a new garden hose, as it can be compatible with your existing garden hose.
  • The coverage area is more than 10,000 square feet. The sprinkler can easily serve a large garden or stadium.
  • Users can control the water spraying speed as per their requirements. From high to low, there are different speed-controlling modes.
  • The spraying arm is adjustable. Users can adjust the size of the spraying arm as per their requirements. The adjustable length varies from 15 to 50 feet.
  • Being equipped with a high traction wheel, this product assures prevention from slipping.


  • Low and high-speed water spraying control
  • It covers a vast area
  • Lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer
  • Rotary spray for even water coverage


  • Rotary spraying technique comes with a noise
  • The product is expensive

Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Lawn Sprinkler

Choosing the best yard sprinkler is essential for everyone. If you are passionate about gardening, you need to focus on the maintenance of plants and gardens. It is crucial to conduct lawn watering regularly.

Otherwise, your lawn will appear dry. Eventually, grass on the lawn will not grow. The overall lawn will appear dull to the visitors. For hassle-free lawn watering, you need to have a good lawn sprinkler. There are a few factors to consider for choosing the right lawn sprinkler. These factors are discussed in the following section.

  • Soil Type: Understanding the type of soil is essential before investing money in a lawn sprinkler. Hard soil needs more frequent watering. However, black soil can hold water for a long time. Hence, you should not water black soil too frequently. For occasional watering, investing in a low-budget lawn sprinkler is an ideal thing. For frequent watering, you need to invest in a top-quality product.
  • Size of the Lawn: The lawn’s size is an important factor for choosing the right lawn sprinkler. For a small lawn, the oscillating sprinkler is ideal. On the other hand, traveling sprinklers and rotary sprinklers are ideal for large lawns.
  • The shape of the Lawn: Rotary lawn sprinkler works well for round lawns. If you have a square or rectangular lawn, an oscillating lawn sprinkler is a good choice. When the lawn’s shape is uneven, you need to invest in a traveling lawn for spraying water on the lawn evenly.
  • Budget: For purchasing a lawn sprinkler, you need to consider the budget. A good lawn sprinkler comes at a high price. However, it also depends on the type of lawn sprinkler. A rotary sprinkler is affordable while traveling lawn sprinklers are expensive.

Types of Lawn Sprinklers

Before going to the Analysis on lawn sprinklers, one should know about different kinds of lawn sprinklers. Many types of sprinklers come with different features. Knowing about them is crucial for choosing the right lawn sprinklers.

Rotary Sprinklers

Among the lawn sprinklers, you will find rotary sprinklers are popular among buyers. Such sprinklers rotate mechanically while spraying the water. Hence, it is known as a rotary sprinkler. It works in back and forth angles so that a large area of the lawn gets covered. For all sizes of gardens, this type of lawn sprinkler is suitable. However, it works better for large lawns. Some of the rotary sprinklers come with the capacity to reach 90 to 180 feet.

For clay or compacted soil of the lawn, such sprinklers are ideal. Rotary lawn sprinklers have a lower rate of precipitation than other sprinklers. Hence, it takes a longer time for rotary sprinklers to spread water than other types of sprinklers.

Apart from this small drawback, rotary sprinklers feature many benefits. However, a low precipitation rate has an advantage. It helps in even absorption of the water on the soil. There are three types of rotary sprinklers. They are impact, gear-driven, and stream.

  • Impact Rotary Sprinklers: This is the most common type of rotary sprinkler. Rain Bird invented such sprinklers, and thus people call the sprinkler Rainbird Sprinkler. Beginners can identify the impact sprinkler through the noise. It has a typical noise that comes due to the pressure on the nozzle. Brass or bronze is the manufacturing material for such sprinklers.
  • Gear-Driven Sprinklers: The rotating head of such sprinklers is gear-driven. Hence, it draws the name of the gear-driven sprinkler. Buyers should keep in mind that water pressure should be high for obtaining the right performance from the gear-driven sprinklers. It can throw water to a large distance. Hence, you can find a gear-driven sprinkler suitable for large lawns and stadiums.
  • Stream Rotor Sprinklers: Such sprinklers can spread water in multiple directions at the same time. Since it can spread water in multiple directions at the same time, it saves time. If you want your lawn to get water quickly, this type of sprinkler is suitable. Stream sprinklers also come with gears. They also have a low precipitation rate. As a result, soil can soak the water evenly.

Fixed Spray Sprinklers

With such lawn sprinklers, you can spread water in a fixed direction. Using a fan, it can rotate in a full circle. For straight-edged lawns, such sprinklers are useful. Compared to rotary sprinklers, fixed spray sprinklers cannot throw water to a long distance. Hence, this is an ideal sprinkler for small lawns. The sprinkle can throw water up to 16 feet. For operating such sprinklers, high pressure is not essential. It can work well with 20 to 30 PSI of water pressure.

Oscillating Sprinklers

As the name suggests, such sprinklers spread water in oscillating movements. It moves back and forth. With such movement, it sprinkles water on the lawn evenly. The benefit of oscillating sprinklers is affordability. It can sprinkle water in a square or rectangular pattern. This type of sprinkler is suitable for small and medium lawns.

Travelling Sprinklers

Such a lawn sprinkler can move, and thus it is the best lawn sprinkler. Hence, it is suitable for large lawns and stadiums. It can travel at different parts of the lawn and sprinkle water uniformly in all directions. In agricultural fields, you can also find the use of such lawn sprinklers. There are different models of traveling sprinklers available in the marketplace. They feature different sprinkling capacities. Buyers should check the specifications of the traveling sprinklers carefully.

Misting Sprinklers

If you are looking for a sprinkler with a low spraying rate, you can choose misting sprinklers. As the name suggests, such a sprinkler throws water mist. For flower gardens, you do not need heavy watering. For many agricultural purposes, water mist is a requirement instead of heavy watering. Misting sprinklers serve such purposes with precision.

There are many other types of lawn sprinklers. However, the commonest types of sprinklers have been discussed above. Now, you can find a list of some of the best-selling lawn sprinklers in the following section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best sprinkler for a small lawn?

For small lawns, finding a lawn sprinkler is not a difficult thing. All types of lawn sprinklers are suitable for small lawns. However, you need to think meticulously to save money. For example, purchasing a traveling lawn sprinkler for a small garden is not recommended. Traveling lawn sprinkler suits a large lawn. For small lawns, it will be a bad investment. A rotary lawn sprinkler is an ideal choice for small lawn watering. An oscillating lawn sprinkler is also a good option for small lawns.

When should I use lawn sprinklers?

You should use a lawn sprinkler when the person has limited time for watering a lawn. Watering manually on a small lawn is not a big deal. For watering medium and large lawns, manual watering is a tiresome process. It consumes time too. Moreover, manual watering does not ensure even watering on the lawn surface. If you want to overcome these issues, you need to switch to lawn sprinklers. Investing in a good-quality lawn sprinkler will save your time and effort. It will ensure effortlessly and even-watering on the lawn surface.

What type of sprinkler is most efficient?

Different lawn sprinklers come with different features. Based on the type and built quality, the efficiency of the lawn sprinklers varies. For small lawns, oscillating lawn sprinklers are the most efficient. For a large lawn, rotary sprinklers are the most efficient. If you are looking for overall efficiency in covering a large area, traveling lawn sprinklers are the best sprinklers. Such lawn sprinklers can move on a specific path.

How many minutes should you water your lawn?

Watering the lawn is important for keeping grass on the lawn alive. The watering process should follow the right technique. Over-watering can cause the death of plants on the lawn. On the other hand, under-watering can also make the lawn dry. Ideally, a lawn should get 20 minutes of watering three times every week.

What is a good sprinkler schedule?

Different persons follow different sprinkling schedules. It depends on the type of lawn you have and the amount of time you can invest in your lawn’s maintenance. Ideally, you should sprinkle water on the lawn for 20 minutes three times a week. Make sure that the water spreads evenly on the lawn.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed the topmost lawn sprinklers. There are a variety of lawn sprinklers available in the market. You can purchase any one of them as per your choice and keep your lawn beautiful and full of greenery.

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