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The Best Bench Drill Press Buyer’s Guide

Being familiar with tools, you may not know that there are bigger and better items out there to assist you in your craftsmanship journey. Sure, a hand drill can serve you well, but only for so long and with limited accuracy.

When you venture out into the world of the best bench drill press, you’re investing in your work and guaranteeing greater accuracy with each drilled hole. Finding the best bench drill press isn’t easy if you’re going blindly into the task, but the guide below should be able to clear up a few things for you.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bench Drill Press

With any product you purchase, there are inevitably factors to consider before buying. With a bench drill press, the first thing you want to keep in mind is how much you use or need the press. If you’re someone who does non-intricate, casual woodworking, you may not need a full-on bench drill press, but if you’re someone who makes a living or intends to make a living off of woodworking, the investment is worthwhile.

Another thing to consider when purchasing is if you have enough room in your workspace to incorporate a pedestal-styled drill press. If you have VERY limited space, and it’s not a totally necessary buy, then you should skip out on purchasing a bench drill press, as they take up a tad more space than a hand drill. However, if you toss out or donate a couple of your earlier models of drills, you can make way for the big man in town who’s here to stay: the bench drill press.

In the next section, we’ll throw a tip or two at you before getting into our helpful Analysis of some of the hottest bench drill presses on the market.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Drill Press for Your Needs

We all know buying a new product can be quite hard, especially when it can go by so many names. You’ve probably scavenged the internet and found other things like a “pedestal drill” or a “pillar” drill. It’s important to note that the aforementioned drills are the SAME thing as a bench drill press, just one of the many names people have given it. We suspect that some may call it “pillar” or “pedestal” due to its narrow stature, but having a different name on a product page doesn’t make it any different than typical “bench” named drill presses.

When going through products and looking to invest, it’s important to note that there are no differences, so you don’t get scared and pass up on an extremely appealing drill press.

1. WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

WEN 4208T 2.3-Amp 8-Inch 5-Speed Cast Iron Benchtop Drill Press

Manufactured by WEN, the aforementioned drill press is a best seller due to its performance, speed, and accuracy when used. At the price point, it’s placed in, it’s an incredible purchase for the money. Features of this bench drill press include the following:

  • ½-inch keyed chuck, along with onboard key storage
  • Has 5 different speeds
  • Spindle travels up to 2 inches, linear locking
  • The motor is 1/3 horsepower, ample torque
  • 5-inch x 6.5-inch work table

Breakdown of the Features

Key storage: The WEN comes equipped with a ½-inch keyed chuck and even has onboard key storage. The half-inch keyed chuck ensures that drill bits up to a half of an inch in size can be used, which allows for massive amounts of variety during usage. For onboard key storage, you can ensure that your key is there when you need to use your drill bit. Having this feature is a simple way to ensure that you don’t lose your key and that you can use your drill with ease.

Five speeds: Having five different speeds ensures versatility in the power and way you drill your projects. You can set the spindle speeds yourself at either 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, or 3140 rotations per minute. In having this, you can ensure massive amounts of versatility and functionality over your typical hand drill. Let’s not bat an eyelash at the horsepower that provides an awesome amount of power and torque.

Worktable: We mentioned a rather well-measured work table for this machine, that measures 6.5-inches by 6.5-inches. The aforementioned table is not only a beveling one, but ensures that you can adjust this to go 45 degrees in whichever direction you need. In having this feature, those who use accessories like vices and clamps can use this with ease.

Adjustment gauge: For those who want total control over their product and how they drill, the depth adjustment gauge ensures that you’re able to set the spindle travel distance to an exact number, for more control and precise measurements. You can’t exactly get that with a hand drill, now can you?

The Advantages of the Product

One of the many advantages of this product goes beyond the features and sets at how it works. If you’re wondering if you can drill more than wood, the answer is: yes. For those who work with aluminum or other “harder”, yet thin materials, you can drill those, but you have a limit as to what, so you don’t ruin the drill press. You wouldn’t want to go drilling the hardest steel, but we suspect that this is capable of drilling mild steel at the most.

If you’re someone in wood working or someone who needs a bench drill for various projects at work, this will suffice as it has a great amount of horsepower for the size and torque it has. With five different speeds, you can adjust accordingly, and even angle your subject in various directions to complete that intricate drilling you need.

The Disadvantages of the Product

We can’t say that there are many disadvantages, if any, to the average bench drill user. We understand that everyone nit-picks and there may be something that’s fine for you, but TERRIBLE for someone else.

Let’s start this off by stating something that was touched base on in the advantages section: if you’re looking for something that drills hard and heavy, very thick metal and steel, you’ll want to invest in something more industrial and professional. However, the quality that this provides for the standard it’s intended for, is fantastic.

2. SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

Manufactured by SKIL, the aforementioned bench drill press is yet another best-seller at a very attractive price. Boasting quite a few fancy features, we totally see why it’s a best-seller (beyond its awesome performance, of course). Said features of this bench drill press include the following:

  • ½-inch keyed chuck
  • 5 different speed options
  • The depth stop is adjustable
  • A tilting work surface that angles up to 45 degrees left or right

Breakdown of the Features

Keyed chuck: You’ve already heard about the keyed chuck, but for this product, it’s yet another fantastic feature. For those who want something that will assist them in supporting pieces of material that are larger, this keyed chuck will work wonders for you, as it accepts generously sized bits. However, it’s not only for woodworking, but it’s also for cutting. You’ll be able to fit bits that are as large as half an inch within this keyed chuck. Hooray!

Tilting work surface: Everyone needs versatility, and when you invest in a product as such, a feature as simple as a tilting work surface is necessary. With the ability to angle this work surface left or right up to 45 degrees, you can drill and complete those intricate woodworking processes with ease.

Five-speed system: Who doesn’t love options when it comes to speed? Not everyone’s project is the same, and the ability to adjust is essential in the success of the completion of the product. With five different speeds to choose from, you won’t have much trouble with the SKIL drill press. The lowest speed starts off at 570, whereas the highest speed you can set the machine on is 3,050 rotations per minute.

Laser X2: We HAVE to mention the 2-beam laser system that allows for more precise measurement and alignment when it comes to the beginning stages of drilling a hole. The aforementioned X2 laser system ensures that you’re going to have consistency within your drilling, every single time. Having this means that you’re going to be able to have heightened accuracy and an easier time when it comes to drilling on new surfaces.

The Advantages of the Product

There are a ton of advantages to this product, and the aforementioned features boast about some of them! With the ability to ensure consistency, we’d have to say the laser X2 system is one of the best features of this bench drill press.

In having this, you don’t have to worry about avoiding mistakes, as you can have calculated precision each time. The precision and accuracy of this product is the reason why this drill press excels so much, as without, you’d have a non-working product. Accuracy is imperative and paramount to the success of completion of your job, and without, you wouldn’t have a very good product, now would you?

The Disadvantage of the Product

Of course, with any product, there are disadvantages. While we can’t find any outright, there may be some for those who are a tad picky. For those who are looking to go extremely professional, you’re likely to grow out of this product, although this is great for the beginner and intermediate woodworking professionals. The product works as intended, and provides a great deal of power, but there will always be bigger and better products out there.

3. Shop Fox W1668 ¾-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press/Spindle Sander

Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press/Spindle Sander

Manufactured by Shop Fox, this bench drill press is a bit on the pricier side of the consumer-level bench drill presses, but it boasts a number of appealing features. Some of these features include the following:

  • ¾ HP motor
  • Spindle speeds between 250-3050 rotations per minute
  • 3-piece spindle sander drum kit and mandrel included
  • Spindle travel of 13 and ¾ of an inch

Breakdown of the Features

Oscillating drill press: You don’t hear about many being oscillating, but that’s one of the core features the Shop Fox drill press boasts. Being able to contour any type of piece you need for sanding, along with the power behind it, ensures that you can complete the project with ease and with versatility.

For those who are sanding wood, you’re able to have an easy dust collector port so you don’t have a huge cleanup afterward. If you’re unsure about this machine due to lack of compact-ness, you don’t have to worry, as this machine is designed for functionality and to reduce the amount of valuable space on the floor that it’s taking up.

¾ inch drilling capacity: Thanks to the power and durability provided by the ¾ inch drilling capacity, you don’t have to stick with wood for this machine. You’re able to tackle more difficult steel drilling, as well.  Because of this feature, this bench press drill has a bit more versatility than others.

Tilting table: Beyond the oscillating aspect of this machine, the W1668 from Shop Fox is capable of tilting up to 90 degrees in either the left or right direction, proving the price tag to be worth it. Many machines at a consumer level only tilt as far as 45 degrees, but this machine doubles that.

Along with this appealing feature, you can adjust the height and tilt to make sure it fits within intricate and specific projects for sanding and drilling. Those who want only to use the piece of equipment as a base can move the table aspect out of the way for a heightened aspect of functionality.

The Advantages of the Product

There are a ton of advantages to this product, and the fact that this table swing can handle up to 360 degrees is one of them. Beyond this, you’re able to reduce the amount of mess you make when sanding thanks to the port that catches the remnants, and the amount of power that this piece of equipment produces is one for the books. There are a few accessories included in this package, including a 3-piece spindle sander drum kit that has a mandrel included, along with sanding paper to fit various drum sizes.

The Disadvantage of the Product

As with any product, we report on the potential drawbacks of the product. It’s inevitable to avoid, and it’s something that you should know if you’re investing money. For this product by Shop Fox, there aren’t many disadvantages, but some personal preferences may not like the following drawbacks.

The first drawback of this machine is that you have to make sure you’re aware of the pressure that you put against the oscillating aspect in order to avoid damaging the actual machinery. Once you figure out the proper pressure that your machine can handle, everything is smooth sailing from there!

4. BILT HARD 13-Inch Bench Top Drill Press

BILT HARD 5 Amp 12 in. Variable Speed Drill Press with T-Track Kit, Benchtop with Laser and Work Light

There are a TON of features to this visually appealing bench top drill press, and they’re available at an attractive price point, too. Coming in a variety of sizes, you can choose a piece of equipment that works for your current workspace, without having to get rid of other useful tools in your work area. The aforementioned appealing features of the bench top drill press include the following:

  • Comes in 8-inch, 10-inch, and 13-inch
  • 12 different speed settings
  • Spindle travel of 3 and 1/5 of an inch
  • 2/3 HP induction motor
  • ½-inch keyed chuck, chuck key, extra tools for assembly

Breakdown of the Features

Various sizes: One of our favorite features of this product (beyond its performance of course), is the various sizes that the machine comes in. You can choose from a range of 8-inches, all the way to 13-inches, depending on the sizes of your projects, the average use of the machine, and the size of your workspace. Having this much control from the get-go shows how reliable of a machine it can be.

Bevel tilting: With many machines, in order to get the most out of the versatility of the product, the tilting must be on point. For this product, you can bevel right or left up to 45 degrees for more intricate drilling. While many products have this feature, not all are great. We do like the option for this machine, as it provides functionality, practicality, and convenience with ease.

Tools for assembly: What’s nice about this machine is that you’re given accessories like an Allen wrench and chuck key in order to put it together. You don’t have to go scavenging through your 12 junk drawers in your workshop to find that pesky set of tools from the last bed frame you put together.

½-inch keyed chuck: You should know by now that the ½-inch keyed chuck is presented on products as such for convenience and the ability to use bits up to ½ inch in size. Having this means that you can drill more and larger. Go big or go home!

The Advantages of the Product

The BUILT HARD machine does have its advantages, including a powerful motor at 2/3 HP, slightly higher than others on the market for this price range. Another advantage of this machine is the fact that you can cut more than wood and get down and dirty with plastic, and metal. Having the option to cut more than wood allows versatility in the workshop and more options for your clients (if you profit from something like this).

We can’t let you go without talking about the various speed settings. While some machines have 4-5 different settings, the BUILT HARD comes equipped with TWELVE different speed settings for maximum control. Last but not least, there’s a safety switch on the machine to avoid and eliminate the possibility of accidental starting. There’s nothing worse than an accident caused by machinery, and this machine puts in the stops to prevent something horrific from happening.

The Disadvantage of the Product

With any product, there are naturally disadvantages. One of the drawbacks of this machine is that the manual is slightly confusing, and you may have to look online for a bit more help. Regardless, that doesn’t affect the performance of the machine whatsoever, and we recommend this product to those on a serious budget looking for serious power.

5. DEWALT DWE 1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press 

DEWALT Drill Press, 2-Speed, Magnetic, 2-Inch (DWE1622K)

Manufactured by one of the top tool companies in the country, DEWALT has yet another resourceful tool to assist woodworkers in their workshops. While you don’t have to strictly stick with wood, this is a primary tool for doing so. There are a number of appealing features DEWALT has to offer, including the following:

  • 10-amp motor
  • 2 different speed settings
  • Chuck system is quick to change
  • Magnetic coolant bottle
  • 4” drill travel

Breakdown of the Features

10-amp motor: Having a 10-amp motor means you’ll have more power directly to the source in which you need it. When there isn’t enough power behind a piece of drilling equipment, the hole that’s being drilled isn’t done to perfection. The weak spin of a non-powerful piece of equipment disables the hole from being precise and done quickly. With the Dewalt DWE 1622k, this isn’t something you have to worry about.

2 different speeds: While there aren’t five different speed settings, the 2 that are offered from this piece of Dewalt equipment ensure that projects on the lower end and projects meant for clients are done with ease.

Overload protection: The DWE-1622k model comes equipped with overload protection, which ensures that the motor of the equipment won’t be harmed if the drill happens to overload itself. In having this feature, you don’t have to worry about the machine being pushed too hard and breaking, as it will almost “save” itself.

Magnetic coolant bottle: For those looking to dabble in the world of magnetics within bench drill presses, you’ve come to the right place. With this piece of equipment, you’re going to receive a magnetic coolant bottle that can be placed on all sides of the work surface, as well as both sides of the tool itself. Those who want diversity with magnetics will find solace in knowing this feature exists.

4” drill travel: Looking for something that has an abundance of drill travel? For those who work on heavier duty projects and applications, the 4” drill travel capabilities of the Dewalt DWE1622k is supreme. You won’t have to worry about your machinery not being powerful enough for what you need it for.

The Advantages of the Product

As we’ve mentioned previously, every product comes with advantages and disadvantages; Dewalt is no different. One of the primary advantages of using this piece of equipment within your everyday projects is that it does have overload protection. Too many times we’ve pushed out equipment to its breaking point because we were overly confident.

Now, our over-confidence can be shut down and our equipment can be saved. It’s a real energy and money saver, if you ask me. The magnetics of the machine are also extremely strong, so you shouldn’t have any concerns about them slipping and falling down. Beyond this, it can cut through very thick pieces of product, including tubing and sheets of materials.

The Disadvantage of the Product

One of the only disadvantages of this product is that it doesn’t have a reverse speed. In fact, it actually has less speeds than others on the market. However, the aforementioned doesn’t affect the performance of the product, and the DEWALT magnetic drill press is still extremely powerful. For the price, it’s a very good piece of equipment that’s essential in any woodworker’s workshop or businesses’ equipment list.

The Best Floor Drill Presses

Now, we know the best bench drill press might not meet the needs of everyone, so we’ve included some floor drill presses that might be of interest to you. Below, you’ll find first impressions, features, pros, and cons, as well as what you receive when you purchase each item.

1. WEN 4226 13-Amp 12-Speed Floor Standing Drill Press

Measuring in at 17” in height and manufactured by WEN we have yet another reliable drilling press – except this time, it anchors on the floor, rather than a tabletop workspace or bench. There are a number of appealing features that may switch you over to the “dark side”, and these include the following:

  • 4-3/4” spindle travel
  • Precision laser
  • Onboard key storage, 5/8” chuck
  • Pivoting work table measures 14” x 14”

Breakdown of the Features

Spindle travel: For newbies in the world of upgrading your bench drill press, you should understand how important spindle travel is for those who need something for heavy-duty drilling. Because of the aforementioned travel of 4 3/4”, you’re able to drill through 4×4 much easier than without. A spindle as such is pivotal in the success of drilling your desired piece. It’s important to note that the spindle design also includes a tri-spindle design.

Speed settings: In the aforementioned section, we mentioned the tri-spindle design. The design stated above also has various speed settings that are quite attractive on paper (and in performance). The speed can be set as low as 180 rotations per minute, all the way up to 2940 rotations per minute for total control and power over what you’re working on. Because of the wide range for the speed settings, you’re able to drill not only through basic wood, but hardwood, plastics, and even metals. Having this kind of power behind one standalone device means that your business and the output of quality can be amplified almost instantaneously.

Precision laser: We don’t think we have to explain this much, but it’s important to note that paramount difference between a non-precision laser piece of equipment, and one that does have a precision laser. If you want to deliver high-quality work to clients or your woodworking portfolio, a laser as such is paramount to the success of the quality of your work.

Large work surface: For those who are tired of the 6×6 work surface on their bench drill press, worry no more, as the work surface for this floor standing drill press is a 14 by 14-inch work surface, that’s cast iron and even pivots a great deal! For those looking for something that pivots in both directions, the WEN 4227 is one that goes 45 degrees in either direction. Utilizing a feature as such means that you’ll be able to get more precise and intricate drilling done.

The Advantages of the Product

There are a wide list of advantages for this product, but it’s safe to say that one of the more attractive qualities of this floor-standing drill press is that it does have enough power to drill through types of metals, and even the hardest of wood. With a range between 180 and 2940, you can get precise holes drilled with ease, and quickly!

That’s not the only advantage though, as the precision laser allows the quality to go from meh to YAY! Hand drills just don’t have the power and precision that the WEN 4227 does, and in using this, you can guarantee high-quality to your customers or meet expectations with personal projects in your workshop.

The Disadvantage of the Product

Unfortunately, there are always negative Nancies when it comes to anything, so finding a disadvantage or two isn’t uncommon. If you’re looking for something that’s at least 18” in height, unfortunately, you won’t find it here.

The WEN 4227 comes in only two sizes, a 15-inch, and a 17-inch. However, it doesn’t affect the performance of the product whatsoever, and it’s not uncommon to see this size – nor is it bizarre.

2. Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Manufactured by Delta, the 18-900L 18-inch Laser Drill Press is one for the books. While the price is a tad steep compared to other products on this list, it’s definitely for a good reason. There are a number of appealing features for those needing a higher-end standing drill press, and a reliable one at that. Some of the aforementioned appealing features include the following:

  • Auto-tensioning belt drive
  • Full 6-inch quill stroke
  • Depth stops that are micro-adjustable
  • Twin laser that’s fully adjustable

Breakdown of the Features

Auto-tensioning: Based on the features list alone, you can see why this product is so highly praised. Delta promises a list of features that we haven’t quite seen on other drill presses we’ve mentioned, but they do exist on other standing drill presses that we won’t mention today. First, the auto-tensioning belt drive is a system that ensures you’re going to be dealing with easy and fast-speed changes while the machinery is maximizing the efficiency of the transmission.

Quill stroke: The noted full, 6-inch quill stroke ensures that you’re going to have the highest capacity of deep drill applications. In ensuring this, you’re guaranteed that the intended purpose of this machine is going to do the best job it can: drilling deep.

Adjustable depth stop: One of the more important features (while they are all imperative to the operation of the machine), is the fully adjustable depth stop. Within this machine, there is also a depth scale that’s independent and allows you to manually set it for repetitive drilling. In having this, not only will you be able to consistently drill easily, but you can guarantee a perfect drill each time.

Twin laser system: If you’re interested in having some of the latest laser technology within your floor drill press, you’ve come to the right place. The adjustable Twin Laser system has a bright red crosshair equipped, so you’ll for sure know the contact point between the material and the drill. In having this, you’re guaranteed accuracy even more than ever before.

The Advantages of the Product

We can’t narrow it down to just one advantage, but we can start with the adjustable Twin Laser system. One of the most imperative pieces of this machinery (or any drill machinery) is how accurate and precise you can get with said machine. Because of this, you have one last checking step before drilling, along with the built-in measures the drill has for accuracy.

One last advantage (that we’ll mention) is the five-year warranty that this piece comes with. You’ll be able to replace or work with the company in receiving new parts or a new piece entirely if yours decides to break. In purchasing from a company that has such a long warranty, you know they’re confident about their product.

The Disadvantage of the Product

You know the drill by now (pun totally intended), with any product that has its pros, there will always be cons. There aren’t many drawbacks, as it’s a well-praised piece of machinery, but we’d have to touch base on the fact that depending on the batch, the chuck can be a little annoying or need replacing. However, this is not something that’s hard to do and doesn’t affect the performance of the product whatsoever. We still highly suggest this item for those wanting something for heavier-duty projects.

3. Powermatic PM2800B-1792800B Drill Press

Manufactured by Powermatic, this heavy-duty standing floor drill press is one that you shouldn’t bat an eyelash at because of the price. There are quite a few admirable features of this machine, hoping to make its way inside your workspace or place of business. Features include the following:

  • The variable speed that’s mechanical
  • 6” of quill travel
  • Fence system that’s adjustable
  • Material stop that’s also adjustable
  • Digital rotations per minute readout

Breakdown of the Features

Quill travel: We’ve discussed this with other products, so you should be familiar. However, we’ll discuss it again. The 6” quill travel allows for the handle to have one complete revolution and allows for heavy-duty applications in the real world.

Fence system: The aforementioned fence system is adjustable up to a full 90 degrees. You won’t miss a beat and won’t be limited when purchasing the Powermatic, as you’ll have full range of motion and won’t be limited on how much you can do. Having a relationship of 90 degrees to the work surface, the stock that you’re working with will have perfect and extremely fast alignment.

Material stop: The material stop that you’re wondering about IS adjustable, and allows for consistent and repetitive motions to be quick and precise. Never worry about inaccuracy again. Another adjustable feature allows you to have full and complete control without worrying about inconsistencies.

Digital readout for RPM: Lastly, let’s talk about the digital readout for the rotations per minute. In having this, you’ll be able to be more efficient with the speed of the spindle during the uses and applications of the floor drill press.

The Advantages of the Product

There are quite a few advantages, and one includes a small feature: the digital readout for the rotations per minute always being on. Once you plug this in, it will start at zero and then rise as you use the piece of machinery. While it’s a little feature, it’s convenient for those with specific needs and have doubts about calibration.

Another advantage of this machine is that it does have a laser for even more accuracy when drilling. Lastly, the ease of use for attaching the chuck, as well as the adapter is supremely easy. You won’t have to worry about going through an abundance of tutorials to get the answers you need.

The Disadvantage of the Product

As with anything, you’re going to have some nit-picky people that want to know the dirty about the drawbacks. One of the disadvantages of this product includes the ability to see the rotations per minute all the time.

While it’s not necessary constantly, and it’s not a true bother, those who don’t want to burn it out tend to adapt it by plugging it into a power strip for easy turn off and on when they aren’t using, instead of unplugging it every time. A simple fix that doesn’t hinder the performance of the product, you’re able to enjoy this floor drill press easily.

4. JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press

JET JDP-20MF, 20-Inch Floor Drill Press, 1Ph 115/230V (354170)

Manufactured by JET and designed with the minimalist in mind, the aforementioned drill press does exactly what it says it will do without an annoying amount of physical bells and whistles. While the price point may scare you away, those who are looking for something that’s for heavier projects, you’ve found the right product. Features of this floor drill press include the following:

  • 20-inch height
  • 5hp motor
  • Smooth-traveling raises for the table
  • 12 spindle speeds
  • Built-in light for working
  • Key and drill chuck included

Breakdown of the Features

Product height: The height of the drill press from floor to top is actually much higher than others on the market, which tend to cap around 17 or 18 inches. Having the extra two inches is extremely helpful for those not-so-small users or objects. It’s the little things that matter, and JET thought of it.

Powerful motor: The extremely powerful motor operates at 1.5 HP – your handheld drill’s 1/3 of an HP has NOTHING on this JET model. Having such power means that the drilling will be heavy, hard, but successful. However, this isn’t the only factor in a successful drill. Keep reading.

Smooth-traveling: For table raising, there is a smooth-traveling feature that allows you to also lower with ease using the built-in crank. You no longer have to set it at a pre-determined height, and can cater it to the height you need.

Spindle speeds: One of the most important aspects beyond the motor power feature is the speeds of the spindle. Going as low as 150 rotations per minute, all the way up to 4200 rotations per minute, the 12 different speeds allow you to go as hard as you need to for heavy duty projects, or as little as you need to for personal projects or lighter projects. Catering to your needs has never been easier.

Built-in light: Of course, the built-in light is just an added bonus, but a helpful one at that. We all realize that workshops aren’t the brightest of places, but the aforementioned light can help assist you with never missing and amplifying your accuracy. Another helpful feature is that the drill chuck and key are included with this purchase.

The Advantages of the Product

There are quite a few advantages to this product, including the powerful motor. The more power you have and the higher your rotations per minute can go, the more accurate and consistent your drilling will be. When you have the features combined, you have a powerful standing drill press that’s reliable and can help guarantee perfection for your clients. These aren’t the only advantages though, as the 2-year warranty shows that JET is confident in their product.

The Disadvantage of the Product

Unfortunately, there will always be disadvantages to every product in existence. We guess you can say that one of the disadvantages is that the warranty is only two years, but two years is a long time for a product – especially one that’s used every day in the work place. If you don’t like it, you’ll find out a lot sooner than two years.

The previously stated disadvantage doesn’t negate the fact that it’s a fantastic product, and you don’t have to worry about this giving out on you anytime soon. It’s a reliable product that does exactly what it’s intended to do, and with ease.

5. Klutch 17in. Floor Mount Drill Press

Manufactured by Klutch, we’re excited about this floor mount drill press. While a bit shorter in stature than our previous, the power is all there – and for a FANTASTIC price. We’ll get more into the appealing features of this product below. Speaking of, these features include the following:

  • 5/8in. chuck capacity
  • 6-inch vertical stroke
  • 45-degree table tilt capabilities
  • Depth lock, ball knob handle

Breakdown of the Features

5/8in. chuck capacity: Smaller, tabletop chuck capacities tend to cap off around .5 inches, but this standing floor mount drill press will allow you to fit bits up to 5/8 of an inch. Having a little bit more versatility will allow you more control during bigger (or smaller) projects that require the utmost precision.

Vertical stroke: The 6-inch vertical stroke is a no-brainer and common throughout products as such. As we said, more versatility and control mean a heightened amount of precision. The aforementioned stroke helps assist in just that.

Table tilt: Without table tilting, you won’t be able to have a heightened sense of precision and accuracy, as you won’t be able to cater to your project needs. With the Klutch model of floor mount drill press, you’ll be able to tilt up to 45 degrees in a variety of angles for drilling with ease.

Depth lock: This machine is equipped with a ball knob handle on the depth lock to ensure that you’re receiving the highest amount of precision. While we say this a lot, this is a feature that’s a must-have within the best floor mount drills – or any drill for that matter. You’ll be able to have consistent precision no matter how many holes you drill. Being able to adjust the previously mentioned feature allows you even more control, which is paramount in the completion of the project.

The Advantages of the Product

For the amount of precision and power, it has, especially at 1.5 HP, you’re getting this at half of the price of other models on the market, available at a consumer level. While the price surely an appealing feature, another advantage is the actual power it has behind.

Being able to purchase 1.5 HP in one drill for such an attractive price, and with such a large worktable (14in. x 14in.), there’s no way you won’t be able with this purchase. However, we’ll discuss disadvantages of this product, too, before you take the plunge.

The Disadvantage of the Product

One last thing to touch upon are the disadvantages of this product. We know there aren’t many, but we’re sure you want to know everything about this product. The construction of the product is supreme overall, but the product itself is very heavy. While this has its pros and cons, it does have more pros than cons.

It’s definitely a piece of machinery that requires at least two men (or women) to lift, three at maximum. The aforementioned just means that the durability and stability of the machine will eliminate the possibility of the machine vibrating and moving, causing inaccuracy. We don’t think anyone will have any true qualms with this piece of machinery, and we’re excited that we’re able to show you it today. The performance is supreme, despite its weight, and is one we’d definitely recommend – especially for the price point.

Benefits of Buying a Bench Drill Press

There are quite a few benefits to buying a bench drill press, and the most common one includes providing better accuracy for holes drilled. While hand drills can provide you with sufficient and space-saving drilling, they only work for so long and have limitations when it comes to accuracy and their operation. It’s imperative to note that hand drills won’t provide you with ease of use while drilling as the best bench drill press will. In owning a bench drill press, you’re going to be able to drill the perfect hole much quicker, with little to no external assistance or need for fixing.

When purchasing a bench drill press, you’ll be receiving a plethora of benefits. Many of the aforementioned benefits are reasons why every craft woodsman should own one. Some of these benefits include the following:


We talk about this a lot, but when it comes to craft custom creations, accuracy is necessary and pivotal to the success of the build. One of the primary reasons you want to buy a bench drill press is so that you have a heightened level of accuracy over a traditional hand drill. While hand drills save a bit of space, you also lose out on accuracy.


Believe it or not, bench press drills tend to be quicker than other methods of drilling. The reason for it being much quicker is because you select presets for your depths and the angles you’ll be working with. In having this feature and in paying more for an upgrade on a drill, you don’t make as many mistakes and you don’t have to worry about avoiding said mistakes.

Hand drills require the user to be much more careful, as there is nothing to help assist them in being that much more accurate. Another reason why the speed is amplified with a bench-styled drill press is because of the power behind it. With hand drills, you don’t get as much speed, causing more room for inconsistencies and mistakes. Speaking of power, we’ll discuss this next.


Yes, power is important! With bench drill presses, the motors are basically an upgrade from hand drill presses, and rightfully so. The power behind a bench drill press allows for larger accessories like wider holes and drill bits that aren’t only suitable for a hand drill. If you try and use a hand drill for a large bit in a larger hole, you’re going to have a bad time. Investing in a pillar-styled drill will allow you to powerfully plow through anything you need with ease and reduce the amount of tedious labor needed.

Various Functions

Unlike a hand drill, a bench drill press allows you to create and successfully finish intricate drilling. With a hand drill, it’s a tad difficult to complete odd angles and weird bits into certain types of wood, and for someone that regularly deals with situations as such, a hand drill will not suffice.

Those in the world of furniture benefit greatly from bench drill presses and rarely look to a hand drill for assistance. Having such functionality allows you to experiment and branch out with woodworking.

Variety and Versatility

Let’s not forget about how versatile a bench drill press can be. Since they provide enough power and function to do more than hole drilling, you can fit them with other tools, too. Other tools that you can fit the aforementioned device include spindle sanders and even a rotary sanding disc. IN being able to work with different accessories for woodworking, you amplify your inventory and finished product. You can’t get that with a hand drill!

Security of the User

One of the most important benefits of buying the best bench drill press is the security and safety measures they have over typical hand drills. Having variable speed options allows for the user to have control over the power, allowing the wood to not become vulnerable and break during use.

Accessories like clamps can ensure that the wood stays in place while using a said drill press, ensuring even further than the safety of the user is taken care of. When wood slips, it can seriously harm the user or those around.

We think we’ve covered all of the benefits of buying a pillar-styled drill press, and next, we’ll discuss a couple of factors that everyone should consider before buying a bench drill press. Furthermore, we’ll discuss tips to consider, and finally: Analysis on the best drill presses in the bench/pillar/pedestal style.

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