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Top 10 Wedding Venues in Sydney

Who does not love attending weddings? Getting married is a wonderful experience, however, it can be a bit stressful at times. Saying ‘Yes’ to spending the rest of your life with the person of your dreams is the greatest news ever until you are hit with a reality check. Also, it’s great to be married before the baby comes!

What next? You’ve said yes to the proposal, spoken to each other’s families but where exactly do you begin your preparations? There are a lot of things that contribute to the picture-perfect weddings that we all like to imagine for ourselves.

Choosing the venue is one of the firsts on the list of to-dos. A wedding ceremony is one of the most memorable occasions in a person’s life. It is a memorable occasion for the entire family and your near and dear ones. Why not make these memories beautifully prominent with these stunning elegant wedding venues in Sydney, Australia? Celebrate your day of the holy union in a dreamy way with your beloved at these 10 elegant and luxurious venues.

1. The Langham Sydney

The Langham Sydney
The Langham Sydney


  • This marvelous space is not only pleasing to the eye but also makes one feel at home at the same time. The Langham Sydney has beautiful bridal spaces that can cater to weddings of any size. Their events team is able to provide both glamour and efficiency under one roof.


  • The Grand Lobby shall accommodate all the arriving guests who are will be awestruck by the beauty of the striking glass chandeliers. The most amazing feature of this venue is The Ballroom. A perfect space for a cocktail party, The Drawing Room, is an excellent place to host a lively afternoon tea, conversations at table dinners, drink receptions, and elegant banquet dinners. The cozy fireplace and the homely environment adds a very warm and welcoming essence to the place.

This venue is located at 89113, Kent Street in New South Wales, Sydney. The maximum amount of money that one may spend at this place ranges between $162-$230 per head. They are indoor venues that is able to accommodate about 30-100 ceremony guests and 20-100 reception guests. You can contact them on 02 9190 0635 to book the venue.

2. Gunners’ Barracks

Gunners’ Barracks
Gunners’ Barracks


  • Gunner’s Barracks will take you back in time with its old school charm. The neat and elegant look of the place is enhanced even more by the gorgeous view of Sydney’s iconic harbor. Sandstone Courtyard or Harbour Terrace, both the spaces are absolutely perfect for hosting an event to be remembered.


  • The reception is also beautifully decorated which adds up to the charm of the place. The beauty of the waterfront chandeliers and the hand-printed Florence Broadhurst wallpaper makes up an amazing backdrop for the guests and wedding pictures.


  • Treat yourself and your guests to the food cooked by head-chef Marc Philpot. The high-quality ingredients used, add up to the wonderful flavors that tingle your taste buds. The events team is no less behind in terms of service, ready to assist and guide you at each step.

This venue gives off an old school feel and is located on Suakin Drive (End of), in Mosman, New South Wales. The price of the place ranges between $150-$210 per head. They are able to host both indoor as well as outdoor ceremonies and can handle about 50-130 ceremony guests and 50-130 reception guests. You can contact 02 9190 0184 in order to book the venue.

3. Dunbar House

Dunbar House
Dunbar House


  • The Dunbar House was built in the 19th century and is a historic building. Couples who are into a classic beauty with an old school touch will like the beauty of this place. The beautiful greenery of Robertson Park where the mansion is located is just 30m away from the shores of Sydney Harbour. Owned by the Grand Pacific Group, Dunbar House is a strong competitor in the wedding market with its established presence.


  • The city skyline goes with the local beaches making it a picture-perfect view. Receptions are held in the imperial dining room. The upper-level harbour terrace is where cocktails are served. The place provides several options for photoshoots on the shores of Watsons Bay. Dunbar House has made lovely arrangements for a memorable wedding on the lawns of Robertson Park under the grand fig tree.


  • Years of providing high-quality service in terms of arrangements by the professional event staff, flawless planning details for the reception and lip-smacking food by the chefs have kept the Dunbar House ahead of its game.

Special Note: Dunbar House has arrangements for romance accommodation packages for newlyweds. Check out Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel and Hilton Sydney located within a walking distance from the venue.  

The venue gives off a vintage vibe and is located on 9, Marine Parade, Watsons Bay in New South Wales. The price of this place ranges between $130-$200 per head and is able to host both indoor as well as outdoor ceremonies. The place has a capacity of hosting 50-100 ceremony guests and 50-110 reception guests. You can book the place by contacting 02 9190 0222.

4. Colebee Centre

Colebee Centre
Colebee Centre
  • Appeal: The Colebee Centre is already a queen amongst the top wedding destinations in NSW. Awarded as the Best Reception Centre in NSW for five years. All eyes on you and your wedding! If you appreciate that crude appeal with a stunning backdrop and high-quality service, Colebee Centre should be your pick. 25 years of excellent service has made this venue a favourite amongst couples.
  • Décor: The venue is home to a beautiful backdrop with breath-taking waterfall, two lakes, a fountain and an authentic Blacksmith’s hut for the rustic appeal. There are three ceremony gardens that one can choose from.
  • Location: Colebee Centre has an upper hand when it comes to location. Surrounded by the most beautiful parkland areas, it is located in the middle of the Nurragingy Reserve.
  • Crew: The team consists of hard-working people ready to take care of every tiny detail that has been put down on paper. For this, the venue is exclusive to ONE WEDDING per day, making you feel like royalty.

The venue has a very rustic charm and is located on Nurragingy Reserve, Knox Rd in South Wales. The place has a price range between $99-$141 per head and can host both indoor as well as outdoor ceremonies. The place can host up to 70-200 ceremony guests and 70-200 reception guests. You can contact 02 9190 0321 in order to book the venue.

5. Loxley on Bellbird Hill

Loxley on Bellbird Hill
Loxley on Bellbird Hill
  • Appeal: How do you feel when you think about elegant outdoor wedding ceremonies that are bright and pretty? Weddings that remind you of flowers and sunshine and everything nice? Loxley on Bellbird Hill is a perfect venue if you are into garden wedding ceremonies. The place is a winner of 5 Western Sydney Industry Awards. It is a one hour drive from the Sydney CBD, and is perfect for the Countryside touch that you would want to bring to your wedding.
  • Décor: The gorgeous water lilies on peaceful lakes and the canopy of majestic trees make it a perfect location for wedding ceremonies. The nearby historic churches may also make it to your preference list. The reception room, Kauri, is a wonderful mix of art and culture. The detailed timber lined cathedral ceilings, timber floors, sandstone fireplace, French doors and elegant wrought iron fittings create a very unique and romantic ambience.
  • View & arrangements: Not forgetting the breath-taking rural views beyond the city from the wide shady verandah. They provide excellent assistance in terms of customer service and fine food. The Bride and Groom are also entitled to a stay in their majestic bridal suite. Enjoy the wide range of arrangements, from chilled champagne to relaxing spas and everything that you would want on your list.

The venue is garden-based and is located in Kurrajong, New South Wales, PO Box 300. The place has a price range between $75-$210 per head and can host both indoor as well as outdoor ceremonies. The place can host up to 50-190 ceremony guests and 60-150 reception guests. You can contact them on 02 4567 7711 to book the venue.

6. Orso Bayside Reception

Orso Bayside Reception
Orso Bayside Reception
  • Appeal: Wedding ceremonies by the beautiful blue sea has a different charm to them altogether. The scenic view of the skyline and the blue ocean makes up for a breath-taking place for hosting a wedding. Orso is filled with natural beauty combined with elegance making your wedding one of the most memorable occasions in an excellent way.
  • Service: The Five-Star service that Orso provides in terms of dedication has made them a well-known name in the wedding market.
  • Location: Give a tropical feel to your wedding with a private beach and a resident family of pelicans, the private balcony overlooks the Middle Harbour scenery. Get married to your love on the private wharf.

The venue is by the beach and is located in 79 Parriwi Road, Corner Spit Rd in The Spit, Mosman, New South Wales. The place has a price range between $130-$155 per head and can host both indoor as well as outdoor ceremonies. The place can host up to 50-240 reception guests. You can contact them on 02 9190 0345 to book the venue.

7. Gledswood Homestead

Gledswood Homestead
Gledswood Homestead
  • Appeal: The historic Gledswood Homestead adds an elegant countryside touch to your to-be picture-perfect wedding.
  • Location: With its gigantic farming properties, the amazing homestead and various locations to select from for your outdoor wedding, Gledswood Homestead is ‘the’ venue on your search list.
  • View: Dive into the lush greenery as you celebrate your most special moments with joy. Multiple locations make for a beautiful backdrop for your wedding pictures.
  • Crew: Gledswood Homestead has a dedicated team of friendly staff willing to take care of all your needs and requirements.

This venue is located by the countryside, on 89113 Kent Street in New South Wales, Sydney. The maximum amount of money that one may spend at this place ranges between $99-$195 per head. They are an outdoor venue who are able to accommodate about 500 ceremony guests and 40-600 reception guests. You can contact them on 02 9190 0275 to book the venue.

8. Doltone House- Jones Bay Wharf

Gallery Home - Doltone House | Dolton house, Bridal expo, Waterfront events

  • Appeal: The Dolton House Jones Bay Wharf is a place of celebrating your wedding in elegance. A unique heritage site, this beach venue is particularly striking with a breath-taking view of the city skyline and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.The location is unique and is on the upper deck of Pyrmont Wharf. This makes for a stylish and gorgeous backdrop.
  • Décor: The private lot dining room is the perfect space for intimate gatherings while the wharf private dining area is the ideal place to host a grand reception. The decking area is a great way to feel the salty breeze of the sea.
  • Crew: Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf has an efficient team ready to take care of every individual need. The food and wine add to the list of wonderful memories created here. With a lot of facilities that can be altered to suit your needs, this is a dream package for the bride and groom to be.

The venue is located on 19-21 Upper Deck, 26-32 Pirrama Road, in Pyrmont, New South Wales. They are able to host both indoor as well as outdoor ceremonies and can handle about 80-150 ceremony guests and about 550 reception guests. You can book this venue by contacting them on 02 8571 0622.

9. Conca D’oro

Conca D’oro
Conca D’oro
  • Décor: Beautiful boutique spaces and striking ballrooms is a luxurious and elegant way of marking your wedding ceremony with great joy. Conca D’oro provides services that have won awards, love and recognition all alike.
  • Appeal: Under the Navarra Venues Group, Conca D’oro works towards passion and a spirit of transformation by setting trends that appeal to people. Celebrate your wedding with joy and luxury in this beautiful and elegant venue.

The venue is in a hotel and is located in 269 Belmore Rd, Riverwood, in New South Wales. The place has a price range between $79-$124 per head and can host both indoor ceremonies. The place can host up to 50 ceremony guests and 80-500 reception guests. You can contact them at 02 9153 9932 to book the venue.

10. Epicure at Taronga Zoo

Epicure at Taronga Zoo
Epicure at Taronga Zoo
  • Appeal: Epicure is one of the most well-known wedding venues in Sydney. Formerly known as the Taronga Centre, this venue makes for a unique way of marking your special day with utmost joy. Located on the grounds of the zoo, Epicure provides a beautiful view of the Sydney Harbour along with the city lights and city skies.
  • Décor: The rooftop, Gili, is a perfect setting for any event, from cocktail parties to close-knit dinners. With a wide range of recently redecorated event spaces, Epicure is known for its natural elegance.
  • Crew: 25 years of maintaining the craft has made them this remarkable in their craftsmanship. The dedicated team delivers services second to none with their incomparable taste of fine food and memories that will last a lifetime. Epicure stands for a very fine, unique and unforgettable way to mark your wedding day.

The venue is in the lap of nature, located in 2A, Bradleys Head Road in Mosman, New South Wales. The place can host both indoor as well as outdoor ceremonies and has a capacity of 35-250 ceremony guests and 35-250 reception guests. You can contact them at 02 6147 2385 to book the venue.

Choosing a wedding venue gives a vivid image of how you would like your wedding day to look like. Right from the décor to the menu, the music to the cake, everything starts falling into place one by one. In the midst of all the worries, you already find yourself cutting the cake. Do not forget to enjoy your most beautiful and cherishable moments. The amount of happiness that a wedding portrays knows no boundaries. The trick is to live in the moment and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

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